Winklevoss twins: To stop bitcoin you need to shut down the internet

Winklevoss twins: To stop bitcoin you have to shut down internet

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Bitcoin billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are sending a message to their former rival Mark Zuckerberg during a panel discussion.

Twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss first became famous when they sued their fellow student Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook.

Since then, they have become among the best-known advocates of bitcoin, and have even become billionaires on their investments in the cryptocurrency.

Now Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are once again celebrating bitcoin, this time during a panel discussion in New York.

“To shut down bitcoin, you need to shut down the entire internet, like North Korea”, they said during the conversation, CCN reports.

A message to Mark Zuckerberg

To former rival Mark Zuckerberg, who recently joined the crypto scene with Facebook’s libra, they have a simple message.

“Welcome to the party, why did it take you so long?”

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