Today’s coolest: Now you can watch the bitcoin blockchain – in 3D

Coolest invention of the day: You can now watch bitcoin's blockchain – in 3D

Image source: IOHK / Trijo News

Teodor Stig-Matz

Symphony 2.0, which shows bitcoin’s blockchain in 3D, probably took a lot of time to create.

Many of us are spending hours in front of different price diagrams to see if bitcoin increases or decreases in value. But have you ever wondered how the world’s biggest cryptocurrency actually looks?

No, we do not mean the illustrations of bitcoin as gold coins of varying quality that have existed almost as long as the cryptocurrency itself.

This is something much more advanced and big. The crypto company IOHK has developed a model called Symphony 2.0 which shows how bitcoin’s blockchain looks in 3D, Bitcoinist reports.

An advanced interpretation

Since the system behind bitcoin is really just computers that solve advanced math problems, the model is an interpretation. But the model takes into account all the intricate parts of the system – it is hardly anything thrown together in 15 minutes.

You can see the model in your browser, both on your computer and your smartphone.

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