This is why Google searches for the word “shitcoin” are increasing dramatically

This is way Google searches for the word shitcoin are increasing dramatically

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Congressman Warren Davidson's statement had an unexpected effect.

Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency libra has met a lot of criticism from politicians recently.

As part of this, Facebook has been invited to hearings on the project in the US Congress.

Although the hearings have primarily been about libra, bitcoin has also been mentioned.

Congressman used crypto lingo

During these hearings, Congressman Warren Davidson used crypto lingo to show the difference between bitcoin and those of its competitors that have little or no value.

“Many people in the crypto industry use a phrase that says ‘there is bitcoin, and there is shitcoin’”, he said in the hearings, according to Bitcoinist.

Twitter user Felipe was quick to point out that the statement led to a big increase in the number of Google searches for the word “shitcoin”.

The question is whether those who googled were disappointed when they realized that “shitcoin” is not a new exciting cryptocurrency.

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