Swedish tech millionaire invests heavily in crypto companies

Swedish tech millionaire invests heavily in crypto companies.

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Swedish tech millionaire Henrik Persson Ekdahl invests a two-digit million amount of Swedish crowns (SEK) in two crypto websites. These sites are, among other things, driving traffic to different crypto exchanges.


The Swedish tech millionaire Henrik Persson Ekdahl has founded and been involved in several companies that have had great success. One such is the Swedish company Catena Media, which has grown to be worth over 5 billion Swedish crowns, about $560 million. The company works, among other things, with driving traffic from its own sites to other internet gaming sites.

Now, Henrik Persson Ekdahl invests through his investment company Optimizer Invest a double-digit million amount of Swedish crowns into the crypto websites bitcoinmag.de and coinlist.me. He says that digital currencies are very interesting long-term, the news site Breakit reports.

“I’m personally positive about digital currencies in the long run, but there will be real fluctuations before we can clearly see who will be the established players”, Henrik Person Ekdahl says to the site.

Earns money by driving traffic

The sites bitcoinmag.de and coinlist.me are driving traffic to different crypto exchanges by providing news, information and price data regarding different cryptocurrencies.

These sites are similar to Catena Media because they make money driving internet traffic from their own sites to other companies’ sites. The other companies, in turn, pay for this traffic.

“It’s a world where there is a lot of things happening. We have about 50 people working full time from London with these products, and the company is profitable”, Henrik Person Ekdahl says to Breakit.

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