Swedish crypto exchange Nova is relaunching: “Have worked day and night”

Swedish crypto exchange Nova is relaunching: "Have worked day and night".

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This spring, the Swedish crypto broker Btcx bought a crypto exchange called Nova. Now, it’s time to launch it on their own.


As Trijo News revealed at the beginning of the summer, Goobit AB, the company behind the Swedish crypto broker Btcx, acquired the crypto exchange Nova in May. The crypto exchange was launched just over a year ago by some Swedes, but after a huge inflow of new customers, it was sold to the Goobit Group.

Since then, the team behind Nova has worked to get all permits in order, update the platform’s appearance and recruit people all over the world. Now, on Monday, December 3, it’s time for the relaunch.

“It feels very exciting. We have worked day and night to get everything in order before Monday”, says Oskar Söderström, CEO at Nova, to Trijo News.

“We have worked day and night to get everything in order”

Oskar Söderström himself has been in the internet industry and digital media since the beginning of the 2000s, and he sees cryptocurrencies as the future.

“It hasn’t been this exciting since then, and I see many similarities. Despite considerable attention over several years, digital assets are a train that has barely begun to roll”, he says.

Aiming at India and the EU

According to Oskar Söderström, Nova is targeting “anyone who has a sincere intention and sees the possibilities of trading with cryptocurrencies”.

“But India and the EU are currently our two most important markets”, he says.

Nova has just over 300 cryptocurrencies listed from the start, but the idea is to list another 30 before Christmas.

“The goal is to create a legal, safe and user-friendly crypto exchange on the global stage, offering a wide range of assets”, says Oskar Söderström.

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