Sweden’s largest crypto exchange launches trading platform

trijo news reveals sweden's largest crypto exchange launches a trading platform.

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The Swedish crypto exchange, Btcx, has acquired a crypto trading platform, and now they intend to call the shots and target a global customer base.


The Swedish crypto exchange Btcx was founded in 2012 by Christian Ander and has since helped many Swedes with buying bitcoin and ethereum for Swedish crowns.

Trijo News can now reveal that the company owning Btcx, Goobit AB, has acquired the crypto trading platform Nova, which earlier was operated by Swedes.

“The Goobit group has acquired Nova, which turned out to be a too big task for the small team running it. That’s when they contacted us”, says Joakim Herlin-Ljunglöf, marketing director at Btcx, to Trijo News.

Will list new cryptocurrencies

The deal was settled in the end of April. The exchange will, however, not go under the brand of Btcx, but will instead keep its current name.

Nova already had a couple of hundred thousand users, but these have had to approve a new user agreement in order to be able to keep using the platform.

“For legal reasons, the old users have been offered to re-register in order to approve the new user agreement. Over 22,000 people did it right away”, the new CEO of the exchange, Oskar Söderström, says.

The exchange is intended to target every country in the world, except the U.S. Oskar Söderström says that Nova already is a big player on the Indian market, but that many more customers could come if new unique coins would be listed, which is something they intend to do.

According to the marketing director, Joakim Herlin-Ljunglöf, the goal is to have the customer base multiplied by December.

Closed for registration

Currently, the platform is not open for registration. The reason is that they want “everything in place” before opening up for business.

“We rather regulate ourselves too much, than the other way around. Where clear rules for crypto trading are not in place, we base our conduct on the trading on traditional markets. We have rigorous control mechanisms in place. One can not be too paranoid in this business. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to accept new customers within a month, Oskar Söderström says.

“One can not be too paranoid in this business”

Nova will provide trading in hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and the trading fee, so-called courtage, will be 0.2 percent per trade.

With regards to the vast amount of different coins already available, as well as new ones coming ahead, what’s your take on security issues?

“When it comes to security, I trust our technical team, who continuously work with this, to 100 percent. Furthermore, we have contracted an external security company for matters that we, for natural reasons, have no experience with, Joakim Herlin-Ljunglöf says.

Currently, new crypto exchanges are starting all around the world. What makes this platform unique?

“Our customer management and support. We know all about that from our six years of business in this nine year old business sector. We also aim to list assets that are unique in the way that they can only be traded on our platform, Joakim Herlin-Ljunglöf informs.

“A good initiative”

Another Swedish company on their way to launch a crypto exchange is Trijo (who despite the similar name is totally independent from Trijo News).

Totte Löfström, CEO at Trijo, is welcoming the news about Btcx launching a trading platform.

“I think this sounds like a good initiative by Btcx. There are still too few players, especially on the Swedish market. We need to increase in numbers in order to push development forward. Btcx, just like Trijo, is a serious player and that is very important, Totte Löfström says.

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