Suspected Jubilee Ace fraudsters are behind Globalytics Tech Research

Suspected Jubilee Ace fraudsters are behind Globalytics Tech Research

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The suspected pyramid scheme Jubilee Ace has disappeared from the face of the earth. It has now been replaced by something called Globalytics Tech Research.


Trijo News has previously written about Jubilee Ace, an MLM company that according to many reviewers is a scam.

For a long time, the company has seemingly been laying low. Now it seems that the suspected fraud is back, this time in a new guise, Behind MLM reports.

Warning from regulator

A year ago, when we wrote our first article about Jubilee Ace, a company that claims to offer so-called arbitrage trading (to make money on market imbalances) with the help of cryptocurrencies, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority had already published a warning regarding the company.

Last summer, Jubilee Ace launched the Jenco concept, which according to Trijo News expert Totte Löfström was a deceptive way to ride the wave of hype for the so-called “defi” segment that was being hyped at the time.

Users could not withdraw money

In September last year, Jubilee Ace’s users began to have difficulty withdrawing the money they had put into the company, according to Behind MLM,

The company’s website is still up and running. But when Trijo News tries to create an account, it does not work.

Given that it is neither possible to withdraw money nor to become a member, it simply seems as if the people behind the suspected fraud have taken the money and gone into hiding.

Calls itself Globalytics Tech Research

However, it is not really that simple. Jubilee Ace seems to have resurfaced in a new guise, and this time the company is called Globalytics Tech Research.

The company appeared online just weeks after Jubilee Ace users could no longer withdraw their money.

According to Behind MLM, the same people are behind the two companies.

From a look at the new company’s website, one quickly understands that this could be true. Where Jubilee Ace used a sea theme in its graphic design, Globalytics Tech Research uses a space one. In addition, some new buzzwords have been added such as “SaaS” (“software as a service”). Otherwise, these are the same empty promises of guaranteed profits through arbitrage trading.

Reports critical articles

Japan was Jubilee Ace’s largest market (although it was also marketed in other parts of the world) and Globalytics Tech Research also seems, at least initially, to be targeting the Asian island nation.

Like its predecessor, the new company reports all critical articles to Google for copyright infringement.

However, this has not received the result the company was looking for. At present, there is plenty of negative information about the suspected fraud to be found on the search engine, Behind MLM writes.

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