Stoned bitcoin investor accidentally tips pizza delivery girl $1,100

Stoned bitcoin investor accidentally tips pizza delivery girl $1,100

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Reddit user RMFL was celebrating having made a profit on an investment in bitcoin. Then they happened to make a pretty big mistake.


Earlier this week, Trijo News reported on a Greek billionaire who launched a cryptocurrency whose value is tied to the price of cannabis.

Now comes news that shows that cannabis and bitcoin may not always be such a good combination.

Bought edible cannabis

It is on Reddit that the user RMFL tells a story about how a good bitcoin investment turned into a very big tip.

The story starts with RMFL exchanging bitcoin they invested to dollars via a bitcoin ATM. When our hero has done this, they crave both pizza and cannabis.

That said, RMFL eats some cannabis in the edible form that they bought with their bitcoin profits. Then the now stoned Reddit user orders pizza.

The pizza delivery comes with a pizza and RMFL gives what they think is $23 for the pizza and a small tip.

According to RMFL, the pizza delivery girl is now starting to cry and asks if they are serious. Since RMFL mostly wants an end to it all, they answer yes and then go in with their pizza.

The tip happened to be a bit big

RMFL is now discovering their mistake. Instead of giving the pizza girl $23, they happened to tip their entire monthly budget of $1,100, they write in the Reddit thread.

Many of the Reddit users who read the story in the Today I Fucked Up sub-forum got a good laugh.

“All I can do is laugh. You buy pot brownies, and it cost you $1,100. Hope those were some good $1,100 brownies”, user Sync14 writes in the thread.

RMFL’s story has been upvoted over 51,000 times since it was posted yesterday. If our hero gets their money back remains to be seen, otherwise, they can at least rejoice in having made a pizza delivery girl very happy.

Please note that Trijo News understands that this story might be false, but that it is more fun to imagine it’s not.

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