Stellar is planning the largest airdrop ever – giving away more than $125 million

Stellar is planning the largest airdrop ever – giving away more than $125 million.

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Stellar development foundation intends to give away $125 million in stellar tokens to different users of the popular crypto wallet


Stellar is today the sixth biggest cryptocurrency. It is supposed to work similar to ethereum with a blockchain network to send value between different people as well as offering a platform for ICOs and people who want to create their own cryptocurrency.

Stellar development foundation (SDF), an organization consisting of several of the founders of stellar, has several times distributed stellar in different ways to new users.

Now, SDF intends to make a new airdrop, which means giving away free cryptocurrencies, valued at around $125 million and targeted to users of the popular cryptocurrency wallet This is the largest airdrop ever in the cryptocurrency industry and will consist of up to 500 million stellar tokens, the stellar team writes in a blog post.

Giving away 500 million stellar for free has a crypto wallet where users themselves take care of their cryptocurrencies. The wallet currently has several million users who use the wallet to store, receive and send bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash. Now, also intends to integrate Stellar into their crypto wallet.

Each user of can get stellar worth $25 after identifying themselves. In addition, users will also have the chance to get more stellar in other rounds, writes in a blog post.

Giving away free cryptocurrencies to attract new users is a strategy that several other crypto companies also have used. For example, the popular bitcoin wallet offers users small shares of bitcoin cash for free through their app.

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