Startup has launched the world’s biggest crypto exchange comparison site

Startup has launched the world's largest crypto exchange comparison site.

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Maneuvering in the crypto space can be difficult for beginners. Which exchange is the best and how high fees should one accept may be questions that many ask themselves. Now, a Swedish startup has launched a site to help people navigate.


The site is called Cryptowisser and compares different types of crypto services. Among other things, you can compare the fees on different crypto exchanges and companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, but also digital wallets, merchants and online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

“According to us, crypto is not that difficult, but it may be hard to find the right information. In that sense, we want to be the light in the night”, says Felix Bengtsson, marketing manager at Cryptowisser, to Trijo News.

The world’s biggest crypto exchange comparison site

The target group for Cryptowisser is both people who have been in the crypto space for a while and may want to get an update on how the market looks, but also straight up beginners.

“We hope that crypto investments will eventually become a transparent and consumer-friendly industry like any other industry”, says Felix Bengtsson.

The company behind the site consists of a Swedish team of five people. They started working on the project on January 1 this year and launched the site in early April. In a matter of months, they have managed to collect information from over 250 crypto exchanges around the world. This makes them the world’s biggest crypto exchange comparison site, according to Felix Bengtsson.

“You will always go to an exchange to buy cryptocurrencies, to begin with. So that is where we have the main focus and that’s why we have our exchange finder”, says Felix Bengtsson.

The site’s “exchange finder” is a tool where the user gets to answer a number of questions, such as how much fee one is willing to accept and what one prefer in terms of deposit options. The user is then matched with the crypto exchanges that best fits the preferences. Such a tool is not available today, according to Felix Bengtsson.

The company is also working on developing the corresponding tools for cryptocurrencies, but that is an even bigger task since approximately 1,600 cryptocurrencies need to be categorized.

Making money per trade

Cryptowisser, which had approximately 5,000 unique visitors in April, is an affiliate site, i.e. a page that is getting paid by partners to drive traffic to their sites.

But Cryptowizzer does not get paid for sending people to exchanges. It’s only when someone signs up on the exchange, deposits money and starts trading that Cryptowisser makes money.

“We are completely transparent in that we make money, but we still want to help, because many people get scammed, and it is still our main focus to help new investors to navigate”, says Felix Bengtsson.

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