Queen Elizabeth II shows an interest in blockchain technology

Queen Elizabeth II shows an interest in blockchain technology

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The Queen of the United Kingdom is interested in blockchain technology, according to a letter written by one of her staff.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have some really well-known proponents. These include billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk, as well as Andrew Yang, who is a favorite to become the next US Secretary of Commerce.

Now, however, it has turned out that a person who is far more famous than both of these gentlemen combined – probably the world’s most famous person in general – seems to be interested in blockchain technology.

Sent blockchain magazine to Elizabeth II

It’s Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, head of state in fifteen other states, and the person that the character Elizabeth II in Netflix’s popular series “The Crown” is based upon.

In what way is the British Queen interested in blockchain technology, you might ask. The answer to that question comes here:

The organization British Blockchain Association publishes a publication called “Journal of the British Blockchain Association”, which is called the “world’s first peer-reviewed scientific blockchain magazine”.

Dr. Naseem Naqvi, the organization’s president, decided to send the latest issue of the publication to the Queen.

The Queen’s answer

The answer, which Dr. Naseem Naqvi posted on his organization’s Linkedin, shows that Elizabeth II found the publication interesting.

“I have been asked to thank you for sending the Queen the sixth issue of the ‘Journal of the British Blockchain Association’. Her Majesty was interested in the fact that the publication is the first open-access blockchain research journal available both in print and online. The Queen much appreciated your thoughtful gesture, and in return, has asked me to send her warm wishes to all concerned”, reads the letter written by Poppy Whitworth, who works for the Queen’s private secretary.

The question is whether this is the beginning of a new hobby for the Queen. Who knows, in a year she might be the first “hodling” monarch.

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