Premiere for new crypto conference in Stockholm: “A very big event”

Premiere for new crypto conference in Stockholm: "A very big event".

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Around 30 speakers will be speaking at Stockholm Blockchain Forum – a new crypto conference where much of the focus is on the fact that the audience will be able to ask questions.


April 11 is the premiere of Stockholm Blockchain Forum. It is a conference on the theme blockchain and cryptocurrencies held at Stockholm International Fairs in Älvsjö and arranged by the event company Techbook.

“We have invested a great deal in collecting the Swedish crypto community and linking it with the business community as a whole”, says Dennis Avorin, PR consultant at Stockholm Blockchain Forum.

“We have invested a great deal”

The conference is aimed at crypto and blockchain interested people, but perhaps above all for companies that are in the industry or who are interested in using the technology.

“I sometimes get the feeling that the blockchain world has become a realm of mutual admiration, where one forget the end users. What we are aiming for with this event is to turn more outwards and explain to companies that have the potential to integrate something, but who have not yet really started and navigated through all the buzzwords”, says Dennis Avorin.

The audience may ask questions

Around 200 participants will be accommodated in the conference room, but according to Dennis Avorin, they are now considering expanding the conference because it is believed that the tickets will sell out. A ticket now costs 99 euro, but after March 1st, the price is raised to 199 euro.

Some of the topics that will be discussed on the stage are regulations, banks and blockchain, tokenization of financial assets and centralized versus decentralized crypto exchanges. Around 30 speakers will give a talk on the stage where the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.

“We focus on two-way communication and to have many question and answer sessions where the participants can ask questions directly to the speakers. The more knowledgeable people are regarding blockchain, the better the discussions will be”, says Dennis Avorin.

“We focus on two-way communication”

Among the speakers is Ivan Liljeqvist, more commonly known as the Youtube profile Ivan on tech, Cherie Aimée who has been ranked as the sixth most influential woman in the blockchain world, Totte Löfström, CEO at the Swedish crypto exchange Trijo, and Taavi Rõivas, former prime minister of Estonia.

“Taavi Rõivas is very strongly focused on blockchain and is behind many of Estonia’s successes in the field. I think Estonia will be an interesting jurisdiction in the future for blockchain technology”, says Dennis Avorin.

Parallel conferences

Stockholm Blockchain Forum is part of a larger fair where several parallel conferences will take place during the same day, including igaming, e-sports and artificial intelligence.

Outside each conference room, there will be a large exhibition floor which is a common area where everyone has access.

“It will be a very big event if you look at the overall effect of all these conferences that are under the same roof”, says Dennis Avorin.

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