Now you can pay with cryptocurrency in one of the world’s most popular games Fortnite

Now you can pay with cryptocurrency in one of the world's most popular games Fortnite.

Image source: Shutterstock / Reddit / The Monero Project/Wikimedia Commons

Christian Ploog

Happy news for anyone who likes monero and the game Fortnite.

It’s “Retail row”, the online merchandise store for the hugely popular online game Fortnite, that now has begun to accept the anonymous cryptocurrency monero as a payment option. This was tweeted by monero themselves on Tuesday.

Also, users of the online forum Reddit noticed the news, and it received a lot of positive reactions.


Valued at over $15 billion

Fortnite was released in the summer of 2017 and the game has since become extremely popular around the world.

Today, Fortnite is played by over 125 million users worldwide. In October, the company behind the game, Epic Games, was valued at over $15 billion, according to Cointelegraph.

In fact, Fortnite is so popular that a consumer report recently showed that young people would rather have cryptocurrencies and v-bucks, the virtual currency used in Fortnite, for Christmas instead of, for example, cash or regular gift cards.

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