Norwegian exchange panic-sold its users’ cryptocurrencies – now the owner speaks out

Norwegian exchange panic-sold all of it's users' cryptocurrencies – now the owner speaks out

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Bitcoins Norway’s founder is hopeful of bringing his crypto exchange back in the future.


At the beginning of the week, the crypto exchange Bitcoins Norway, which is used by over 25,000 Norwegians, attracted a lot of attention when they said that they will sell all their users’ cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, this is not a so-called “exit scam”, where the owner of a crypto exchange takes the users’ money and disappears. According to the founder of the exchange, the selling was caused by a hacker attack against Alphapoint, the company that provides the technology behind Bitcoins Norway.

Now, the founder of the crypto exchange, Ole-Andre Torjussen, has spoken out in an interview with the Norwegian crypto website Kryptografen, and he says that he is doing everything to get as much money as possible back to get the users.

“It is important to emphasize that all funds that Bitcoins Norway has received as a result of the sale of users’ portfolios will benefit the customers. Bitcoins Norway will not be left with anything from these funds”, says Ole-Andre Torjussen to Kryptografen.

Wants to keep running the exchange

Ole-Andre Torjussen is, despite the incident, hopeful of being able to continue his work with the crypto exchange in the future.

“I really hope [this is not the end for Bitcoins Norway]. I have been working with this company for several years and have always had a vision that cryptocurrencies will be used by us Norwegians to a greater extent.”

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