Norwegian crypto exchange wants to force users to sell their cryptocurrencies

Norwegian crypto exchange wants to force users to sell their cryptocurrencies.

Christian Ploog

The reason for this is that the exchange's platform provider Alphapoint allegedly has been subject to a hacker attack.

The Norwegian crypto exchange Bitcoins Norway announced on Monday night (CEST) that they stop all trading on their platform and that the users’ cryptocurrencies will be sold “as fast as it is practically possible”.

The reason for this is that the exchange’s platform provider Alphapoint has been subject to a hacker attack.

“Customers who may have objections to their cryptocurrencies being sold must notify Bitcoins Norway of this on a form within four hours after this message has been received,” writes Ole Andre Torjussen, owner of Bitcoins Norway, on the exchange’s Facebook page.


The attack took place back in May

According to the announcement, the hacker attack against the platform provider Alphapoint occurred back on May 7, but Bitcoins Norway chose to await the situation following the provider’s recommendations.

Now, however, Bitcoins Norway writes that their users will get back what their cryptocurrencies were worth on the exchange on 7 May. At that time, the bitcoin price was $5,939. Today, the cryptocurrency is traded just above $10,000.

Over 25,000 users

According to Bitcoin Norway’s website, more than 25,000 Norwegians have used the crypto exchange since its inception in 2013.

Ole Andre Torjussen writes in the announcement that Bitcoins Norway chose to use Alphapoint as a platform provider “because they are considered one of the most reputable providers in the market”.

He also writes that he personally has been deeply affected by this incident.

“I want to continue to operate, and make sure that all you crypto enthusiasts can trade on a platform that is safe and secure. In the coming weeks I will, therefore, work intensively to solve this problem”, Ole Andre Torjussen writes on the exchange’s Facebook page.

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