New survey: South Koreans increased their crypto holdings by 64 percent last year

New survey: South Koreans increased their crypto holdings by 64 percent last year.

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In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become popular in South Korea. In fact, the country has accounted for a large part of the trading volume in the crypto world.


The average crypto trader in South Korea increased his or her crypto holdings by 64.2 percent last year. This according to a new survey from the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA), Bitcoin News reports.

In the survey, which was conducted in December 2018, published on April 20th and first reported by the Korean news outlet Arirang Daily News, 2,500 South Koreans that have invested in cryptocurrencies participated.

Of the respondents, 7.4 percent own cryptocurrencies today, which is an increase from a year earlier when only 6.4 percent stated that they owned cryptocurrencies. However, these numbers do not stand a chance compared to 2017, when cryptocurrencies were extremely popular in South Korea.

Invested more than $6,000

People between the ages of 25 and 64 who bought cryptocurrencies during last year stated that they invested more than $6,000 on average.

Despite more regulations in South Korea, as well as an attack on one of the country’s most popular crypto exchanges, interest in cryptocurrencies in the country is increasing. Particularly in the past two months, interest in cryptocurrencies has increased substantially in South Korea, Bitcoin News writes.

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