New plot twist in the monero-kidnapping case – billionaire wife’s husband Tom Hagen arrested

New turn in the monero-kidnapping case – billionaire wife's husband Tom Hagen arrested

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Last year, billionaire wife Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen was said to have been kidnapped. Now, her husband, Tom Hagen, has been arrested by Norwegian police.


Trijo News has previously written about the suspected kidnapping of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen.

Allegedly demanded a ransom in monero

It was in early 2019 when the billionaire wife was first said to have been kidnapped. People who claimed to be the kidnappers reportedly demanded a ransom in the form of the cryptocurrency monero, something that was never confirmed by the Norwegian police.

Since then, the twists and turns in the story of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen have been many and complicated.

The Norwegian police first claimed to have communicated with the suspected kidnappers via cryptocurrency – but later went on to say they believed that the billionaire wife was dead.

Several police cars were waiting for the billionaire

Now comes another plot twist in this story. On Tuesday morning, Tom Hagen was arrested by the Norwegian police, the Norwegian newspaper VG reports.

Several police cars were waiting for the billionaire on the road between his home and work, but the police have so far not disclosed why they arrested him.

“There will be more information in a press release soon”, Ronny Samuelsen, operations manager in the Øst police district, tells VG.

Update: Norwegian police have confirmed that Tom Hagen is suspected of murder or abatement of murder. Norwegian police have had the billionaire under surveillance since last summer and believes that the case is characterized by a clearly planned deception, VG reports.

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