New numbers reveal: Bitcoin is one of the world’s 50 biggest “companies”

New numbers reveal: Bitcoin is one of the world's 50 biggest

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Bitcoin is not a company, but if it was one, it would be really big.

Bitcoin has been shaky for the past week. Right now, the price of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency is below $10,000.

New numbers may cheer up the crypto fans of the world.

If bitcoin was a publicly-traded company, it would be the world’s 50th biggest, numbers from Coinmarketcap and Forbes show.

Apple is six times bigger

Bitcoin is certainly not a company, it is a decentralized cryptocurrency (and a payment system). But its total market value of $169 billion means that it would have qualified among the absolute heavyweights if it had been a listed company.

To get to number one, there is still a long road ahead for bitcoin. Apple is about six times bigger than bitcoin, Bitcoinist reports.

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