New move by crypto fraudsters – exploiting the name of hacker group Anonymous

New move by crypto fraudsters – exploiting the name of hacker group Anonymous.

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The fraudsters who exploit the name and image of bitcoin and celebrities have long tormented many people’s social media feeds. Now, the fraudsters have gone after the notorious hacker group Anonymous.


It has plagued countries all over the world for a long time – an online scam that uses bitcoin’s name to deceive people to give away their money. Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution and Immediate Edge are some of the most common names the fraud has had.

The approach is usually that a famous person is used in a fake news article to attract attention. Oftentimes, one can read in the fake article about how a celebrity in a popular TV show has revealed how to invest in an algorithm that buys and sells cryptocurrencies – and then made huge profits on this.

This lie is then spread through ads on social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. Local celebrities in each country are used to draw attention to the fraud.

Now, however, the fraudsters seem to have changed tactics, and this time Trijo News can reveal that they have gone after the notorious hacker group Anonymous.

“Well, this was an unusually stupid move by the fraudsters. If anyone has both the knowledge and the stamina to find out who is behind the scam, then it is Anonymous. Now they also have good reason to do so”, says crypto expert Totte Löfström to Trijo News.

Is spreading on Facebook

In an advertisement in the form of a fake news article that is currently being spread on Facebook, one can read how Anonymous has released a system that is unlike anything else and which, according to the article, makes people very rich.

It goes on to say that the best thing about this is that the “system” is completely free for everyone to use.

The fake news article was created to look like it came from CNN and in it, one can also find information about how the hacker collective just launched their latest project: “Anonsystem: Exploiting Crypto Markets” that can make anyone rich in no time.

CNN Money fake news article.
Screenshot from the fake news article.

The scheme follows the same pattern as previous versions of the fraud and is, by all accounts, one in the line of these online frauds that has plagued countries around the world for a long time.

Whether there will be any reaction from Anonymous is hard to speculate about, although according to Totte Löfström, it would be entirely possible for them if they wanted to counter-attack.

“Probably the most likely thing to happen is that nothing happens at all, but if Anonymous decides to act, it could get really sweaty for the fraudsters”, he says.

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