New data reveals: 98 percent of all bitcoin SV transactions made in weather app

New data reveals: 98 % of all bitcoin sv transactions made in weather app

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It's way more than any other app.

Yesterday, Twitter user Paintedfrog, using data from, revealed that more than 98 percent of all bitcoin SV transactions made over the past month have been made by a weather app called Weathersv.

Weathersv is a paid subscription service that replicates weather data from another site every hour and puts it in blocks on bitcoin SV’s blockchain.

Other apps that made transactions with bitcoin SV include the social network Memo and the payment service Money Button, both of which are based on bitcoin SV. But none of them comes close to having as many transactions as Weathersv, according to data from the website

Founded by Craig Wright

Bitcoin cash was the first so-called “hard fork” which was made from bitcoin. Bitcoin SV is, in turn, a “hard fork” of bitcoin cash. It was started by, among others, Australian Craig Wright, who is known for his claim that he is bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Earlier this week, Craig Wright drew attention when he refused to show his bitcoin holdings in a trial.

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