New crypto broker launches in Sweden – aims to take over the market

New crypto broker launches in Sweden – aims to take over the market.

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With a focus on simplicity, diversity and competitive trading fees, Dutch-based broker Coinmerce is a cryptocurrency trading platform – for everyone.


Even though bitcoin has been around for ten years now, it’s still not always easy for beginners to buy cryptocurrencies. Far from all trading platforms are user-friendly.

This was something that the brothers Nick and Luc Smits van Oyen from the Netherlands wanted to change. Therefore, in 2017, they launched their own trading platform, Coinmerce, where usability and service were the absolute main focus.

Competitive trading fees

Coinmerce is not really a cryptocurrency exchange, rather a market maker or a crypto broker. To put it simply: users can buy, sell and store over 100 different cryptocurrencies on the platform.

The trading fees are based on an algorithm that looks at several factors, such as order amount, trading volume, volatility and the general price at Coinmarketcap for the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Everything is then merged together, which gives the users a trading fee between 0,4 to 2,5 percent.

“We do have very competitive pricing”, says Nick Smits van Oyen.

“We do have very competitive pricing”

Today, Coinmerce is a European crypto broker based in the Netherlands. They have customers in almost every EU country. Now, they are aiming to take over the Swedish market.

For instance, the onboarding process is quick and easy. Coinmerce uses the payment service Zimpler to make the user experience even smoother.

A clean dashboard

Overall, Coinmerce stands out because of its focus on accessibility and user-friendliness. In fact, the company’s motto is “Crypto for everyone”.

Apart from the web version, Coinmerce has an app for both IOS and Android. It’s an all-in-one app that gives the users complete control of their crypto assets, with a clear overview of all wallets.

Once you are logged in, you will be met by a clean dashboard with all the features you need. You can buy cryptocurrencies within three clicks, read fundamental data of each cryptocurrency and catch up with the latest news from the crypto world.

All in all, Coinmerce stands out from the rest. It’s a crypto broker that is so easy to use you can recommend it to your own grandmother.

Here you can read more and register with Coinmerce.

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