New consent app wants to make dating safer – using blockchain technology

Consent Tracker app wants to make online dating safer

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The new app Consent Tracker is still being built on, but when it is released it will utilize fully verified ID to help people date safer.


The industry for online dating has grown really fast the last few years, with apps like Tinder being one of the most well-known on the market. But it can be quite hard to be sure that the person you have matched is the one he/she/they say they are. And when something bad happens, it is often a case of one person’s words against another’s.

To solve this and make online dating safer, the newly founded app Consent Tracker are building a solution where you can connect with other people that have verified their identity. The app will also keep track of all conversations and help new relations move at a pace that all parties are comfortable with.

“We are looking to remove those people who are not interested in building a serious relationship and felt if someone was looking to take advantage of the other they would not want to use Consent Tracker as their full ID is logged and we have a log of the date and could show the interaction within the date. It would also mean you do not have to give out your phone number earlier than you want to and you can use the layered menu to note which dates you are happy with. This is a tool to help and users have to use standard safe dating practices”, founder Jason Maskell tells Trijo News.

A response to the growing problem of sexual assaults

The idea for the app came to him when realizing how sexual assaults often is linked to online dating:

“The app has been developed in response to the growing problem of assaults linked to online dating and with the number of people using online dating apps set to reach 340 million globally in 2019, we felt there had to be a better way to manage this worrying trend”.

With all agreements logged and stored using blockchain technology, Jason Maskell hopes to help daters to remove those people who are not wanting the same level of relationship as yourself.

“As the date progresses, booking the second date, swapping phone numbers and so on, this is all added and logged. If the daters carry on using the app to chat and one decides they do not wish to continue, they can cancel plans and end contact. If at any point the other person sends any unwanted messages we can use the log to show the police if requested”, Jason Maskell explains.

Utilizes blockchain technology

The plan for Consent Tracker is to utilize blockchain technology to store all dating activity in a way that prevents people from tampering with the information.

“I wanted to use blockchain so that the information was securely stored and was traceable without the fear of people trying to change it afterward”, Jason Maskell says.

It is still not decided what blockchain they will be using, but according to Jason Maskell, they are currently reviewing different options to find out what suits their needs.

The team behind Consent Tracker are currently looking to secure funding to make their app real, but the goal is to release the app by the end of 2019.

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