Netflix series Altered Carbon mentions bitcoin – but something doesn’t add up

Netflix series Altered Carbon mentions bitcoin - but something's wrong

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One of the episodes in the latest season of Altered Carbon mentions bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.


When bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are mentioned in American television programs, it often results in big news in the crypto world.

Last week, bitcoin was explained with a song in the long-running cartoon The Simpsons. Another example is when the news magazine 60 minutes aired an episode about the same cryptocurrency.

Popular cyberpunk show

Now, another major American television program has mentioned bitcoin, and a number of other cryptocurrencies, news site Decrypt reports.

This time, it’s Netflix’s popular cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, where Swedish star Joel Kinnaman plays one of the roles.

In episode five of the most recent season we see a price list in an arms shop. In this price list, the costs of weapons and other military equipment are stated in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and dogecoin.

Something is strange about the price

Altered Carbon takes place in the year 2400 and if the series is right about the price of for example bitcoin, it is bad news for crypto fans.

A pair of gloves in the series are sold for about 0.86 bitcoin. At today’s price, this corresponds to approximately $7,700.

This means either that the gloves in the series are very expensive, or that the price of bitcoin has dropped significantly in 2400. Or, Altered Carbon’s screenwriters simply has not done proper research, Decrypt writes.

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