Mysterious site plan to unveil who Satoshi Nakamoto is – in just 9 days

Mysterious site plan to unveil who Satoshi Nakamoto is – in just 9 days

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Complete with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the new site wants you to sign up for their newsletter.


A new site,, has appeared on the internet, and for the last couple of days, it has received quite a lot of attention on social media. Behind the pseudonym “Gotsatoshi”, the site promise to unveil who Satoshi Nakamoto is, during a live unveiling event on May 14th.
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The person hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of bitcoin, is still a secret. This in spite of the fact that several people have said to know who the person is. But now we all might finally learn who Nakamoto really is – at least this is the promise from the person or the team behind the new site

The site itself doesn’t really show anything other than a countdown that seems to end on May 14th, but a Twitter account with the same name has been tweeting things like “Never imagined there would be so much interest in who I am”, as if the site and the social media accounts where actually managed by Satoshi Nakamoto themself.

May 14th is also the first day of the huge crypto conference Consensus, which could be a sign that the unveiling is planned to be made during the conference.

It is, of course, still most unclear if this is really a genuine attempt to unveil who Nakamoto is. But until the opposite might have been proven on May 14th, you should probably assume that this whole thing is either some kind of a scam or at least a PR stunt.

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