Here’s the joke that tricked crypto twitter – “shorted” bitcoin from $19,665

Here's the joke that tricked crypto twitter –

Image source: Shutterstock / Twitter / Trijo News

Christian Ploog

Many are the ones who have boasted online about their successful crypto trades in recent years. But how many really speak the truth?

Several traders that have shorted (i.e. when you bet on the price to go down) bitcoin since the all-time high around $20,000 have over the last few months begun to cash out their profits, something the crypto news site CCN has written about.

This was something that the twitter account Cryptofungus caught on to when they recently wrote a tweet – which now has gained a lot of attention.

The tweet is about the account closing a short position – and making a huge profit.

The thing was just that it was all a joke.

“I came up with the joke to emphasize how many accounts on Twitter only post highly successful trades. I wanted to exaggerate (maybe I didn’t exaggerate enough) to make people think about the believability and reasons why trading accounts are always posting winning trades only”, says Cryptofungus, who wants to stay anonymous, to Trijo News.

“The tweet emphasizes how many fall victim to blindly following others they believe to be genius traders”

At the time of writing, the tweet has received over 120 retweets and over 1,400 likes. Further down the twitter thread, Cryptofungus also included a false screenshot that would “prove” the incredible short.

Cryptofungus short joke on bitcoin.

Image source: Twitter

Cryptofungus explains that they edited the image in the online program Pixlr.

“Those new to Twitter are looking for guidance and the tweet emphasizes how many fall victim to blindly following others they believe to be genius traders”.

What do you think will happen to the crypto market in 2019?

“I really think 2019 is going to be a slow sideways grind for bitcoin that will continue to depress investors and bore people out of the market. But that’s just my prediction and I could be very wrong”, says Cryptofungus.

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