Here is a children’s book that explains bitcoin and blockchain

Here is a children's book that explains bitcoin and blockchain.

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“A place in the blockchain” is the title of a newly released children’s book about blockchain. The author Brett Biery’s daughter, Ada, is the editor.


In order for the new cryptocurrency phenomenon to be able to get firmly established, the youngest generation has to string along as well. This is obvious for the author Brett Biery who wants to start on a simple level in hope of making children understand the blockchain and its unique functions.

Therefore, he decided to write a book with simple and colorful images to make it as easy as possible for children to understand the blockchains process. During the evenings the author himself reads the book out loud with his daughter in his lap. The book was released on Amazon on the 31st of March so that other parents can read for their children too.

The story is about solidarity. The main character, a lonely individual puzzle piece, gets to join the blockchain, making it complete.

The advantage of being unique

The tale is based on the interaction between kids at a kindergarten where the main character does not get along with the other pieces of the puzzle. The protagonist quickly realizes that crying will not help the situation. The goal is to find a friend in the chain. Once you are in the chain, it is locked and you can not exit it, in similar to the practice of the blockchain in cryptocurrencies today.

”Faster” and ”cheaper” are words that are shouted, but the puzzle piece quickly realizes that you should not trust everything that is said.

A place in the blockchain.
A page from the book. Image source: Facsimile/A place in the blockchain

Suddenly, a fork comes along. The main character takes a leap and succeeds in an attempt of entering the blockchain. Here the main character will stay untouched forever.

Until this day the puzzle piece still completes transactions, and the outsider that it once was is now part of the new phenomenon, blockchain.

You may download the book here.

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