Fingerprint Cards delivers technology for the next generation of crypto wallet

Fingerprint Cards delivers technology for the next generation of crypto wallet.

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The Danish smart card manufacturer Cardlab and the crypto wallet company Spatium have partnered to create and manufacture a new generation of hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.


The hardware wallet, which will have the same form as a credit card, is going to contain biometrics technology from the Swedish biometrics company Fingerprint Cards.

The plan is to manufacture the wallet during the first quarter of 2019.

“We are very happy to be able to support Spatium’s efforts to create and distribute a cryptocurrency wallet and platform that will make the cryptocurrency and blockchain much safer for users. We believe Spatium will be providing a uniquely secure solution with full privacy protection”, says Frank Sandeløv, CEO at Cardlab, in a press release.

Secure and private authentication

The biometrics technique from Fingerprint is about being able to perform secure and private authentication using scanners and sensors.

The crypto wallet can also include wireless and contactless NFC/Bluetooth connectivity and additional types of security solutions.

“Cardlab’s electronic smart card expertise helps embed Spatium’s unhackable, keyless signing of transactions into a convenient, slim, and ultra-secure credit card-shaped wallet”, says Geray Yusifov, CEO at Spatium’s, in the press release.

Fingerprint’s share soared more than 12 percent on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on Monday.

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