Europol takes down “crypto mixer” – had a turnover of $200 million in one year

Europol takes down

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Many of the transactions that went through "had a criminal origin or destination", according to Europol.

Europol, in collaboration with Dutch authorities, has taken down the “crypto mixer”

The site has been helping customers mix cryptocurrency transactions, i.e. collecting identifiable cryptocurrencies and then mixing them up with others in order to try to hide where the cryptocurrencies came from in the beginning, Coindesk writes.

According to a press release from Europol, six different servers have been seized in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The investigation against the site has been going on since last summer.


Had a turnover of $200 million

Many of the transactions that went through “had a criminal origin or destination” and the police suspect that the crypto mixer was used to “conceal and launder criminal flows of money”, according to Europol. started its service in May 2018 and achieved a turnover of at least $200 million in just one year, corresponding to 27,000 bitcoin, Coindesk reports.

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