Ethereum upp 16.55 percent − and bitcoin died 91 times this year

Bitcoin died a whooping 91 times during 2018.

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The last 24 hours was really strong, especially for ethereum. At the same time, bitcoin has been declared dead 91 times during 2018.


The site has a function that keeps track of how many times media has declared bitcoin dead. In total, it is 337 times and the first time was as early as 2010.

During 2018 alone, bitcoin has died a whooping 91 times according to the site, which means that 2018 has been the second most deadly year in the history of bitcoin. The only year that bitcoin died even more, was during the bull run-year 2018. 2018 bitcoin died 125 times.

The last 24 hours was really nice for everyone that has invested in any of the five biggest cryptocurrencies. The biggest winner was ethereum (+16,55%), bitcoin cash (+14,27%) and eos (+14,80%), but bitcoin (+7,61%) and xrp (+8,84%) gained quite a lot as well. Right now, the bitcoin price is 3 946.22 dollar.

If we take a look at the top 100, moac (+24,14%) and golem (+21,20%) was the biggest winners, while stasis eurs (−1,25%) and aurora (−0,69%) was two of the very few losers for the last 24 hours.

Tillgång: Kurs: % (24h)*
Bitcoin $3 946,22 +7,61%
Xrp $0,380763 +8,84%
Ethereum $138,39 +16,55%
Bitcoin cash $172,44 +14,27%
Eos $2,70 +14,80%

*All numbers in this article comes from

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