Danish crypto company Aryze launches STO – aims to raise $26 million

Danish crypto company Aryze launches STO – aims to raise $25 million

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STO’s has recently become a popular way for crypto companies to raise capital. Danish company Aryze aims to get a lot of money from theirs.


STO stands for security token offering and has recently become a popular phenomenon in the crypto world.

In short, it is all about a company issuing an investment agreement that is backed by so-called security tokens.

These are then recorded, together with the investor’s ownership information, on a blockchain.

Safer than an ICO

This means that the investment is more secure than with a traditional ICO, and makes it easier for a company to cooperate with the authorities.

An STO is also considered more difficult and more complicated to implement than an ICO. Something that, however, does not deter the Danish crypto company Aryze.

On Thursday, they released the white paper for their STO, and at the same time sent out a press release stating that they are aiming to get the equivalent of $26 million in investments until the beginning of next year.

Crypto versions of fiat currencies

Aryze’s product is called Digital Cash and will serve as crypto versions of several big fiat currencies.

The STO is only open to professional investors and will be available in two different versions, one for investors in the EU and one for those in the US.

The big reason why they have chosen to do an STO is that it works well with regulators at the same time as it happens on the blockchain.

“We wanted to operate in a regulated manner that is fitting for a company with global aspirations of being a trusted financial institution. An STO allowed us to be regulated, while also following our roots as a blockchain company”, Aryze co-founder Carl Jenster tells Trijo News.

Last week, Aryze wrote an opinion article on Trijo News explaining their product in more detail. You can read it here.

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