Daily crypto – Tuesday: Red numbers, and drama surrounding @Bitcoin Twitter account

The drama surrounding the @Bitcoin Twitter account continues.

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Even more drama surrounding the @Bitcoin Twitter account and prices falling.


The last 24 hours has been pretty calm, apart from the new drama surrounding the @Bitcoin Twitter account. On the price side, we saw a correction from the rush this weekend, which resulted in mostly red numbers.

If one looks at the top ten, the most noticeable losers are bitcoin (-5,14%), bitcoin cash (-4,98%) and litecoin (-5,72%). Ethereum “only” lost -2,93%.

On the top 100, Mixin (+31,39%) and Verge (+17,87%) stands out as the biggest winners, but Ontology (+11,18%) showed some green numbers as well. The biggest losers of the top 100 are Particl (-11,11%) and Lisk (-10,92%).

The biggest drama of the day surrounded the @Bitcoin Twitter account. After being suspended on Sunday, it is now live again, but with 50 000 followers instead of 800 000 followers. It is still unclear what has happened, but for a short while, an unknown person called Andrei was said to be in control of the account.

@Bitcoin is an account promoting bitcoin cash, and the bitcoin cash fans have been accusing Twitter of actively being bitcoin maximalists and taking control of the account to thwart bitcoin cash. It is still unclear what actually happened, and when Trijo News contacted Twitter for a comment, they only responded that they will not comment on individual accounts.

Prices the last 24 hours

Coin Price % (24h) 
Bitcoin $6 770,01 -5,14%
Ethereum $400,77 -2,93%
Ripple $0,487816 -3,63%
Bitcoin Cash $639,16 -4,98%
Litecoin $114,12 -5,72%

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