Daily crypto: Someone on the internet pretends to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Someone on the internet claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto - again...

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The cryptomarkets are pretty much not moving at all, but some of the smaller ones are showing some action.


It has been a calm weekend in the world of cryptocurrencies, but among traditional news outlets, the story of someone claiming to be the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has received great attention. Apparently, this self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto plans on writing a book about bitcoin and the history of the cryptocurrency.

The only problem is that the person who wrote the messages probably is not the actual Satoshi Nakamoto. Within the crypto community, many have pointed to the fact that these new messages do not even match the language used by the original Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009-2010 in terms of the use of words, commas and the overall quality of the language.

Furthermore, there are ways for the real Satoshi Nakamoto to verify his or her identity if desired. For example, it would be proof enough just to make a small transaction from the address Nakamoto used to mine bitcoin to before he or she disappeared back in 2010. This would without a doubt verify the identity.

Just like Bitcoin News has pointed out, it is probably best to assume that everyone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto is fake, until the opposite has been proven without a doubt.

On the price side of things, it has been a calm last 24 hours. Bitcoin (-0,22%) has lost a little, as ethereum (-0,36%), xrp (-0,36%) and eos (-0,17%). On the top five, bitcoin cash (-0,67%) was the biggest loser.

On the top 100, the biggest winner was 0x (+15,65%) and status (+9,96%), while moac (-21,18%) and cryptonex (-13,68%) lost the most.

Asset Price % (24h)
Bitcoin $6 370,56 −0,22%
Ethereum $452,88 −0,36%
Xrp $0,457193 −0,36%
Bitcoin cash $735,59 −0,67%
Eos $8,02 −0,17%

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