Daily crypto: prices are falling and Coinbase launches new pro platform

Daily crypto: prices are falling and Coinbase launches new pro platform.

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Here are the most important news from the crypto world.


Things are moving for one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase. Among other things, they have announced an update of GDAX, their exchange targeted to more professional traders.

The new platform will be known as Coinbase pro and went live this Wednesday. One of the reasons to the name is that they want to include the, by now, rather well-known brand Coinbase in the professional platform as well.

All functions from before are still included on Coinbase pro. The user interface has, however, been re-made and some functions have been added, Crypto Globe writes.

Coinbase is also currently acquiring other companies. The latest is Paradex, a platform that will enable the users to buy tokens straight from their digital wallets.

According to a recent article in Washington Post, Coinbase hosts 20 million user accounts. Coinbase also keeps cryptocurrencies for a value of $20 billion. 99 percent of these are stored in cold storage, which means that they are stored disconnected to the internet.

Price manipulation is being investigated

As Trijo News could report yesterday, the United States Department of Justice is conducting an investigation whether some traders in cryptocurrencies are manipulating the prices.

The investigation, still in an early stage, is focused on suspected illegal activities impacting the prices of cryptocurrencies. This can, for example, be “spoofing”, where someone tricks others to make a trade by placing fake orders.

Prices have fallen

We can see on the markets that the prices of cryptocurrencies have fallen quite a bit lately. Here you can read some plausible reasons for this.

The figures from the last 24 hours continue to show red. Bitcoin (-2,69%), bitcoin cash (-1,12%) and ethereum (-1,04%) have all seen declines, while eos (+7,83%) has seen a big increase.

Mybit token (+13,26) and maidsafecoin (+30,27) saw, however, the biggest increases,  while skycoin (-33,35) and steem (-14,44) lost the most among the top 100 crypto currencies.

Prices the last 24 hours

Asset: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $7 426,63 -2,69%
Ethereum $590,25 -1,04%
Ripple $0,612135 -0,29%
Bitcoin cash $1 009,90 −1,12%
Eos $12,01 +7,83%

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