Daily crypto: Price corrections, “bitcoin is a scam” and more crypto jobs available

After a week of really strong growth, the market decided it was time for a minor correction.

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The last 24 hours has been a bit stormy in the world of crypto. Yesterday, bitcoin grew fast to $9.755 but went down again to about $9.200 even faster.


If you are into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is easy to get used to that the prices are moving upwards at a fast pace. Last week, we have seen a fast and stable growth, but many have speculated that a correction downwards is needed for further growth.

And maybe we have finally seen it. At 8.00 AM yesterday, the price of one bitcoin was about $9.200, but after a fast growth to a six-week high of $9.755, we were brutally thrown down to about $9.200 again.

Bitcoin (+1,63%) and eos (+6,67%) still managed to stay in the greens for the last 24 hours, but all of the other cryptocurrencies of the top five lost in value. Among the losers, ethereum (-2,49%) lost the least, ripple (-5,59%) came in between, and the biggest loser was bitcoin cash (-14,22%), which lost the most of all cryptocurrencies on the whole top 100. Bitcoin cash has been bursting for the moon the last week, which could probably explain why it also saw a larger correction now.

The biggest losers on the top 100, apart from bitcoin cash, was pundi x (-12,87%), wax (-11,50%), bytom (-11,20%), rchain (-11,14%), revain (-11,07%), and bitcoin gold (-10,24%).

The biggest winners on the top 100 was decred (+29,76%), tron (+25,20%), and storm (+19,82%).

The biggest news within the last 24 hours was that one in five investment firms are planning to buy cryptocurrencies in the near future. Trijo News wrote an article about this yesterday, which you could read here.

It has also been reported that the site AngelList has seen a doubling of the amount of crypto-related jobs listed on their site during the last three months.

Last, and maybe least, bitcoin is once again a scam and everyone should just stay away from it. This according to the founder and former CEO of Paypal, Bill Harris. Bill Harris has published an opinion piece on Recode, where he explains that bitcoin is the biggest pump-and-dump scheme in the history of the world, that the only possible use for cryptocurrencies is criminal activity, and that bitcoin has no value at all.

Prices the last 24 hours

Coin Price % (24h)
Bitcoin $9 385,69 +1,63%
Ethereum $660,94 −2,49%
Ripple $0,866737 −5,59%
Bitcoin cash $1 320,37 −14,22%
Eos $14,39 +6,67%

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