Daily crypto: Markets turn up and now you can get $44,000 dollar for unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

Bounty for revealing Satoshi Nakamoto

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Are you a skilled googler and want to earn $44,000 fast? Then this is the perfect opportunity to try to figure out who is hiding behind the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto.


Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious and still unknown creator of bitcoin, has been a mystery since the username posted its last message on bitcointalk.org on December 12, 2010.

But now, a crowdfunding project has been started in order to once and for all reveal who Satoshi Nakamoto. This far, the bounty campaign has received 3,008,400 Russian Ruble, which equals about $44,000. The project was started by the German Herman Neff who according to himself, has been talking to the worlds most well-reputed private detective firms in order to get them working on revealing who Satoshi is or was.

Just as always when things happen on the Internet, the project has already been accused of being a scam, but it is still unclear if this is really the case.

Everyone should have crypto in their portfolio

The well-known Yale economist Aleh Tsyvinski recommends everyone to have six percent bitcoin in their portfolio. This, of course, only if you believes that bitcoin will continue its strong growth in the near future.

In an interview with the Yale-based Ph.D. student Yukun Liu, Tsyvinski said that you at least should have one percent crypto in your portfolio, even if you dont think bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

“If you as an investor believe that bitcoin will perform as well as it has historically, then you should hold 6% of your portfolio in bitcoin. If you believe that it will do half as well, you should hold 4%. In all other circumstances, if you think it will do much worse, then you should still hold 1%”, Tsyvinski said.

Bitcoin in the green again

The last 24 hours has been strong for bitcoin (+3,57%). Compared to the other cryptocurrencies on the top five, bitcoin was the biggest winner after bitcoin cash (+4,08%) and keeps a strong grip of its market share of more than 50 percent.

All of the cryptocurrencies on the top five gained value over the last 24 hours, but eos (+0,10%) is traded pretty much horizontal.

On the top 100-list, waves (+12,79%) and tezos (+11,63%) was the biggest winners, while the biggest loser was aurora (-22,89%).

Asset: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $6 356,96 +3,57%
Ethereum $326,57 +2,40%
Xrp $0,306921 +2,69%
Bitcoin cash $575,38 +4,08%
Eos $5,13 +0,10%

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