Daily crypto: Markets mostly red and national bank dismisses blockchain technology

daily crypto markets mostly red and national bank dismisses blockchain technology.

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The markets are moving slow, mainly in red figures. Furthermore, Vladimir Putin and the Dutch national bank have been discussing blockchain, whereof the latter dismisses the technology. Here follows the top news stories from the last 24 hours.


The Dutch national bank has been experimenting with blockchain technology the last three years, and have now come to the conclusion that the technology is insufficient in its current form. Although seeing advantages with the technology, especially when it comes to increased cybersecurity, they deem it costly and energy consuming. They also don’t believe the transaction verification process to be totally secure, which altogether makes the technology unapt for financial institutions, as reported by ETHNews.

Also Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has expressed his opinion on cryptocurrencies and urges for caution. Nevertheless, he stresses the importance of exploring the possibilites to “avoid various limitations in global finance trade”, but dismisses the idea of a national Russian cryptocurrency with the argument that cryptocurrencies per definition are borderless, Coindesk writes.

Lastly, we can disclose that yet another crypto exchange is about to be launched in the Nordic region. The one calling the shots is the founder of Norwegian, Bjørn Kjos, so there is undeniably quite a lot of funding backing this project.

Markets in red

Proceeding on to the markets, no big changes have been seen, even though most figures are reddish. The exception of this is eos (+0,74%), which recently saw the world’s largest ICO coming to an end.

Today, the sun has mostly been shining on bibox token (+11,95%) and houbi token (+6,96%), while waltonchain (-8,67%) and veritaseum (-8,67%) have had a rather cloudy day, according to Coinmarketcap.

Prices the last 24 hours

Asset: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $7 652,63 -0,78%
Ethereum $605,80 -0,77%
Ripple $0,672728 -1,45%
Bitcoin cash $1 126,98 -2,16%
Eos $14,04 +0,74%

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