Daily crypto: Markets are going up and South Korea may soon legalize ICOs

Daily crypto: Markets are going up and South Korea may soon legalize ICOs.

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Ripple may enter into more partnerships in 2018, South Korea may legalize ICOs, and many Germans are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Here are the most important news from the crypto world.


When crypto billionaire Matthew Mellon recently died, he may have owned $500 million worth of the cryptocurrency ripple (XRP). It is said that he had kept his private keys to his XRP tokens locked in cold storage, in other peoples names and at different locations around the United States. Now the question is whether he took measures before he died that allows the assets to be accessed by someone else. Otherwise, there is a risk that all of his XRP are gone forever, Ethereum world news reports.

In a price analysis, Altcoin today writes that we should expect more partnerships for the company Ripple in 2018. For instance, it has been rumored that Ripple will enter into a partnership with Amazon, the world’s largest online retail store. Amazon has a market capitalization almost twice the size of the entire crypto market capitalization.

South Korea can legalize ICOs

South Korea may soon legalize ICOs, which will be the opposite to the ban imposed by the country in September last year. The proposal was presented in the National Assembly and one of the aims is to provide better protection for investors, Business Korea reports.

A survey from the German bank Postbank shows that 29 percent of Germans are interested in cryptocurrencies as an investment. 60 percent of the women and 51 percent of the men responded that an important factor for the interest was “independence from established financial systems”. In the survey, 3,100 Germans had been asked questions between late February and the end of March this years, Cointelegraph reports.

Green numbers

After a period of downturns, most cryptocurrencies have gone up in the past 24 hours.

Among the biggest ones, bitcoin cash (+12.41%), eos (+9.67%), and ripple (+9.13%) went up the most. But also ethereum (+7.92%) and bitcoin (+4.92%) went up.

The ones who soared the most were bytecoin (+30,51%) (a cryptocurrency that has received a lot of criticism for being a scam), as well as theta token (+25,43%). The worst performer was mybit token (-9,91%), which also was the only cryptocurrency among the top 100 that went down during the last 24 hours.

Prices the last 24 hours

Asset: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $7 499,53 +4,92%
Ethereum $565,19 +7,92%
Ripple $0,613066 +9,13%
Bitcoin cash $1 011,03 +12,41%
Eos $12,28 +9,67%

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