Daily crypto: Luxury watchmaker accepts bitcoin and Bittrex is taking new customers again

Daily crypto luxury watch maker accepts bitcoin.

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Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency prices have remained fairly unchanged over the last 24 hours, there are still other things going on in the crypto world.


The market has remained fairly stable over the last 24 hours. But some of the bigger cryptocurrencies have surged, including EOS (+8,61%), NEO (+7,61%), and Ethereum (+5,10%). Among the ones who have dipped the most, we find Veritaseum (-5,46%).

News in short

Analysts at the British investment bank Barclay recently called bitcoin’s dramatic price rise last year for an “infection”. They mean that it behaved like a disease, but that it’s now been treated.

“We developed a theoretical model of an asset price with a pool of speculative investors and compared it with actual bitcoin price behavior to see what it might imply for the future dynamics. The model has clear parallels with compartmental models of the spread of an infectious disease in epidemiology”, Barclays economists said on Tuesday according to Independent.

On Tuesday, the Seattle-base crypto exchange Bittrex announced that they are now accepting new user registrations again. In December, the exchange paused for new registrations due to an overwhelming inflow of new users, writes Coindesk.

There have previously been dealers of the luxury sports car Lamborghini that have accepted bitcoin as payment. Now a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches has begun to accept cryptocurrencies too. It is the Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) that has partnered with Bitpay, a payment provider for cryptocurrencies. The watchmaker now accepts both bitcoin and bitcoin cash, and also offers free shipping around the world, writes Coingeek.

Prices the last 24 hours

Coin: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $6 855,83 +1,68%
Ethereum $416,98 +5,10%
Ripple $0,489516 +0,76%
Bitcoin Cash $652,10 +2,79%
Litecoin $114,34 +0,71%

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