Daily crypto: Kraken leaves Japan and Ripple demands more regulations

Kraken leaves Japan and Ripple demands more regulations in the UK.

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Bitcoin in the red, Kraken leaves Japan and the company behind the centralized cryptocurrency ripple wants more regulations.


It was a calm 24 hours in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but among the more interesting news, it’s been reported that the San Francisco based crypto exchange Kraken are planning to stop all their business in Japan. Kraken explains the decision by pointing towards that they want to free capital to be able to focus on other countries at this stage, writes Bloomberg.

Ripple, the company behind the worlds third largest cryptocurrency ripple, are demanding more regulations in the UK and an end of the “wild west” days on the cryptomarket. Ripples spokesperson Ryan Zagone told The Telegraph that the market needs customer protection, anti-money laundering laws as well as financial stability, and mentioned Japanese crypto regulations as a role model.

Regarding prices, we have mostly seen mild retractions of the market among the five biggest cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (-1,13%) and ethereum (-1,10%) lost the most, while litecoin (+1,39%) was the only one that gained value. Ripple (-0,45%) and bitcoin cash (-0,81%) also showed marginal losses.

On the top 100, pundi x (+118.54%) and dentacoin (+78,06%) was the biggest winners along with pupulous (+54,92%) and cardano (+24,34%).

The biggest losers on the top 100 were veritaseum (-11,46%) and ontology (-6,34%).

Prices the last 24 hours

Coin Price % (24h)
Bitcoin $8 014,13 −1,13%
Ethereum $506,51 −1,10%
Ripple $0,658357 −0,45%
Bitcoin Cash $759,59 −0,81%
Litecoin $129,55 +1,39%

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