Daily crypto: Green numbers and new crypto exchange for institutional investors is being launched

Daily crypto: Green numbers and new crypto exchange for institutional investor is being launched.

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Here are the most important news from the crypto world during the past 24 hours.


A new report from the Australian authorities has investigated how much money has been lost to crypto related frauds in 2017. According to the result, it is actually quite small sums.

In total, Australians have lost 2.1 million Australian dollars on fraud related to cryptocurrencies. That could be compared to 340 million Australian dollars that the Australians lost to other types of fraud in the same year, Finder reports.

New crypto exchange for institutional investors

The London-based financial technology firm LMAX Exchange Group has decided to open the world’s first crypto exchange for institutional investors. The exchange will be called LMAX Digital and will have five different cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum, and ripple – which institutional investors can trade.

They will start by opening an office in London but plans to open similar operations in Tokyo and New York.

– The rise of institutional trading of cryptocurrencies will be a game-changer for the industry. We believe our new exchange will support the transformation of the crypto market from the fringes to the mainstream, said David Mercer, CEO for LMAX Exchange, according to Finance Magnates.

“A game-changer for the industry”

If we look at the markets, there are mostly green numbers across the board. Among the biggest cryptocurrencies, eos (+4,18%) and bitcoin cash (+4,17%) have soared the most, but also bitcoin (+3,02%) has been going up steadily in the last 24 hours.

The ones who performed best were bytom (+27,26%) and holo (+24,28%), while veritaseum (-3,54%) and polymath (-3,40%) decreased the most.

Prices the last 24 hours

Asset: Price: % (24h)
Bitcoin $8 522,88 +3,02%
Ethereum $717,09 +1,43%
Ripple $0,699530 +2,61%
Bitcoin cash $1 282,99 +4,17%
Eos $14,07 +4,18%

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