Daily crypto: Cambridge Analytica planned to start an ICO and Verge partner up with Pornhub

Pornhub partner up with Verge, Cambridge Analytica planned to launch an ICO and most cryptocurrencies are in the green for last 24 hours. Image Source: Shutterstock/Verge/Pornhub/Cambridge Analytica/Trijo News

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Brazilian investors about to launch crypto exchange, Verge partner up with Pornhub, Final Fantasy III shows an image of what seems to be a bitcoin from 1990 and Cambridge Analytica planned to launch their own ICO. Apart from this, only bitcoin is down among the top five biggest cryptocurrencies.


The last 24 hours have been quite busy in the world of crypto. Among a whole list of other things, it has been reported that the huge Brazilian investment firm XP Investimentos is planning to launch their own crypto exchange. Currently, the firm manages more than 35 billion dollars. It is still unclear when XP Investimentos plan to release their exchange or how it will work. This was first reported by Portal do Bitcoin.

Furthermore, a user on Reddit has found what seems to be a green bitcoin in the Japanese game Final Fantasy III. The game was released in April 1990 – 19 years before the first bitcoin block was mined in January of 2009.

Förutsåg Final Fantasy III bitcoin? Nja, men det ser helt klart ut som en bitcoin
The screenshot from Final Fantasy III seems to show a green bitcoin. Image source: Reddit

Yesterday, Verge and the porn site Pornhub released a memo announcing a new partnership. According to the memo, Pornhubs users will be able to pay for content with Verge on their platform. The market reaction was negative, to say the least, and the verge coin now tops the list of the biggest losers the last 24 hours.

Last but not least, it has been reported that Cambridge Analytica was planning to start their own cryptocurrency via a so-called ICO. The scandalous company became infamous after it was revealed that they helped Donald Trump win the American election of 2016 by collecting and sharing huge amounts of user data from Facebook. According to Reuters sources, Cambridge Analytica contacted a firm that specializes in helping others to launch ICO’s. It is unclear if the plans have been buried, or if we will be able to invest in a Cambridge Analytica Coin in the future.

Apart from bitcoin (-1,06%), all of the five biggest cryptocurrencies are in the green the last 24 hours. Both ripple (+0,64%), bitcoin cash (+1,25%) and litecoin (+3,74%) saw positive growth, while ethereum (+0,04) is practically stagnant.

The biggest winners on the top 100 list are smartcash (+46,85%) and pundi x (+20,81%). The biggest losers are verge (-28,44%), dentacoin (-20,53%) and bitcoin diamond (-11,09%).

Prices the last 24 hours

Coin Price % (24h)
Bitcoin $7 943,46 −1,06%
Ethereum $507,93 +0,04%
Ripple $0,665015 +0,64%
Bitcoin Cash $771,94 +1,25%
Litecoin $135,78 +3,74%

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