Daily crypto: Calm market, France cuts tax on crypto and Revolut announces a new crypto card

Revolut has annonced a new crypto debit card and France cuts the taxes.

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It has been a calm last 24 hours in the world of crypto, only with small movements on the market.


How to tax cryptocurrencies and bitcoin has been a headache for crypto owners all over the world. Not least, this is true in France who has had a complicated system where you could be obligated to pay up to 45 percent in taxes on your profits. This was reported by Le Monde.

Now, however, French authorities have released a new bill to change the taxation to a flat rate system of 19 percent, regardless of the size of your profits. The only exceptions are mining activity and professional trading, which will be taxed in the same way as before.

It remains to be seen if this kind of debates could spread to other countries as well in the near future.

Further on, it has also been reported that the London-based fintech-company Revolut will be launching a new debit card, which gives you cashback in form of cryptocurrencies. The news was released just days after it was announced that Revolut has raised $250 million in venture capital.

Regarding prices, most of the trading has been quite horizontal for the last 24 hours. The best performers on the top five was eos (+21,84%) and ethereum (+2,30%), while bitcoin (-0,58%), ripple (-1,00%) and bitcoin cash (-1,13%) saw small losses.

On the top 100, aeternity (+38,62%), gifto (+27,99%) and hshare (+22,99%) performed the best. The biggest losers were bitcoin private (-16,01%) and veritaseum (-9,39%).

Prices the last 24 hours

Asset Price % (24h)
Bitcoin $9 182,83 −0,58%
Ethereum $671,39 +2,30%
Ripple $0,832362 −1,00%
Bitcoin cash $1 372,67 −1,13%
Eos $18,43 +21,84%

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