Crypto personality Max Keiser: I think bitcoin will reach $15,000 – next week

Crypto personality Max Keiser: I think bitcoin will reach $15,000 – next week

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Max Keiser has invested in bitcoin since the value of the cryptocurrency was just one dollar. Now he believes in a really big price increase – next week.

Bitcoin has gone really well in recent months. At the end of June, the cryptocurrency was close to reaching $14,000. Recently, however, it has calmed down somewhat, and the world’s biggest cryptocurrency has been trading for just over $10,000 in recent days.

Record low confidence for governments

One who thinks bitcoin will reach really high prices next week is the crypto personality and investor Max Keiser.

On Twitter, he writes that he believes the cryptocurrency will reach $15,000 this week and that this is because people’s trust in governments and central banks is lower than ever.

Early investor

Max Keiser was early in investing in bitcoin, and bought his first coins when the value of the cryptocurrency was only one dollar, Bitcoinist writes.

The crypto personality has previously made himself known to argue that bitcoin will eat up all its competitors. You can read about that here.

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