Broad declines in the crypto markets – xrp biggest loser

Xrp loses the most on falling markets.

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Bitcoin is currently down −0,59 percent and is traded just above $3,600.


The great gains we saw on the markets this Friday, seems to have come to a slight correction in the last 24 hours. All of the five biggest cryptocurrencies show red numbers, and on the top 100, only 30 has gained in value.

If we take a look at the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies, it shows a small decline during the last 24 hours – from $121 billion yesterday to $120 billion today.

Xrp decreases the most

Among the top five biggest cryptocurrencies, xrp (−2,40%) and eos (−2,13%) were the biggest losers, while bitcoin (−0,59%) and litecoin (−1,18%) showed only small declines.

On the top 100 list, ark (+35,06%) and hypercash (+13,64%) was the clear winners, while aurora (−6,21%) and linkey (−5,65%) lost the most.

Asset Price: % (24h)*
Bitcoin $3 644,82 −0,59%
Xrp $0,303162 −2,40%
Ethereum $117,62 −1,61%
Litecoin $43,80 −1,18%
Eos $2,70 −2,13%

*All numbers in this article comes from

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