Bittrex opened for new customers after four months – was forced to close again within an hour

Bittrex was forced to close user registration again.

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After pausing the entry of new users for four months, the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex opened its doors again yesterday. But within an hour, the company was forced to close them again.


On Tuesday, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced that they are now accepting new user registrations again. In December, the exchange paused for new registrations due to an overwhelming inflow of new users.

“After diligently working to improve our infrastructure and upgrade our website, we’re pleased to announce registration for new users resumed today”, said Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara in a statement on the company’s website.

But within just an hour, the Seattle-based crypto exchange was forced to shut down again, according to the company.

Bittrex tweeted that they were forced to close the user registration again.
Bittrex tweeted that they were forced to close the user registration again. Image source: Twitter

“We’re getting closer to a fix”

If the problem is due to extremely high volume of new users, or technical issues with the new website, is currently unclear.

When the problem can be resolved, Bittrex writes the following on Twitter:

“We’re getting closer to a fix, and we’ll resume new customer registrations as soon as possible.”

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