Analyst: Don’t be short-sighted – bitcoin is going to $100,000

Analyst: Don't be short-sighted – bitcoin is going to $100,000

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Bitcoin is dropping in value right now. Analyst Murad Mahmudov calls for calm, while at the same time saying that the cryptocurrency is on the way to really high levels.


Bitcoin has had a rough time lately. Projected rallies have not happened, and during Wednesday morning (CEST) the world’s biggest cryptocurrency fell below $11,000.

Compared to yesterday, bitcoin has fallen by just over six percent and at the moment, the cryptocurrency is trading at just over $10,600, according to numbers from Coinmarketcap.

Accumulates value

Because of this, some might say that things look dark for bitcoin. One who disagrees is the investor and analyst Murad Mahmudov. He believes that as an investor in bitcoin, you have to think about the long term.

“There is steady accumulation happening at these levels. Don’t try to outsmart yourself on short timeframes, zoom out and think big. In my view, bitcoin is going to $100,000”, he writes on Twitter.

This is not the first time an analyst has predicted $100,000 as a future price for bitcoin. A few weeks ago, stockbroker Thinkmarket’s chief analyst Naeem Aslam also mentioned the figure. You can read about that here.

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