After last week’s big theft: Crypto exchange pledges to pay back its customers

After last week's big theft: Crypto exchange pledges to pay back its customers

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Several different types of cryptocurrency, primarily xrp, were stolen in the attack against Bitpoint.

The Japanese crypto exchange Bitpoint was hit by a big hacker attack last week.

Approximately $32 million in cryptocurrencies was stolen in the attack, and of these, $23 million belonged to the users of the exchange.

Will pay back in cryptocurrencies

Now comes a message that might calm users who have been rid of their money. Bitpoint has ended with the fact that they will repay the money. In addition, the repayments will be in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Several different types of cryptocurrency were stolen in the attack, but primarily xrp, Cointelegraph reports.

This is not the first time a crypto exchange is hacked. Previously, Trijo News has reported on the Singapore-based exchange Bitrue which had over $5 million in cryptocurrencies stolen.

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