A gang of masked thieves broke into a crypto exchange

Gang of masked thieves broke into a crypto exchange

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A gang of thieves that tried to twist a bitcoin ATM from a crypto exchange in England is still at large.

Theft has long been a problem for the crypto industry. These thefts usually occur through large hacker attacks.

A bunch of criminals in Birmingham, England, chose a different path.

Tried to steal bitcoin ATM

The masked men broke into a local crypto exchange’s office and tried to snatch a bitcoin ATM by attaching it to their car with a rope.

It is unclear whether the men, who failed the coup but are still on the loose, believed that they would bring home actual bitcoin through the theft. The exchange’s owner Adam Gramowski believes that they were rather looking for the cash that was in the ATM.

– There is no bitcoin in the machine, they are sent directly from our server, he says to the Daily Mail.

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