9 crypto songs to play at the pre-party

9 crypto songs to play at the pre-party.

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As cryptocurrencies have progressed, so has popular culture. Over the years, several artists have made songs about bitcoin, blockchain and getting rich. Here are nine songs that can either create a good atmosphere at the pre-party or be used to terrorize uninformed friends who have not yet gotten crypto.


1. Chris Record – HODL GANG

The artist Chris Record calls the song “Hodl Gang” for a “Gucci gang lil pump parody remix”. Exactly what that means is unclear.

But this rap song, which has a rather ambitious video, focuses on both bitcoin and altcoins – like litecoin, ethereum and xrp.

2. Toby Ganger + Decap – Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)

Toby Ganger writes on Youtube that this is “the official bitcoin song” (well) and that they did it “to energize the community and to educate newcomers”.

The song, which has a rap lyric over a rather dystopic beat, is about today’s economic system and what impact the blockchain technology can have on it.

3. It’s Amazing – Official BitConnect Music Video

As many in the crypto world certainly already know, Bitconnect has been described as a Ponzi scheme. In January 2018, the entire project closed down and customer losses were estimated at more than $1 billion.

But in autumn 2017, Bitcoinnect was in full swing. Then, also a song was uploaded on Youtube to the “cryptocurrency’s” honor. One can laugh at it – and dance to it – still.


4. The bitcoin: bubble

You almost get hypnotized by looking at this video published on Youtube on December 7th, 2017. Turbid colors, some kind of space theme and sparklers make the whole framing feel seductive. At the same time, a soft beat pumps on in the background.

The song, which is originally named “The 7th Element”, from 2001 and is made by the Latvian-Ukrainian artist Vitas, became an international internet phenomenon in 2015. Of course, the crypto community has also picked it up.

The funny part in this version lies in the subtitles – which, in a amusing way, goes through bitcoin’s rise and possible bubble.

5. Bitcoin Girl Music Video

Here is a song about “Bitcoin Girl”, also known as Naomi Brockwell. The song is a cover of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and is set in New York City.

The music arrangement may not be the absolute best, but the story in the video is a bit charming. It is about how a guy tries to catch his “bitcoin girl” – by using bitcoin. If he succeeds? See for yourselves!

6. Ode to Satoshi (The Official Bitcoin Song)

Here we have another song that claims to be the “official bitcoin song”. This time it’s about country music and a tribute to bitcoin’s creator – Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is both a swinging and well-produced song that can surely kickstart your pre-party. Something to be noted is that, before the song starts, the artist chooses to dedicate it to the well-known bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos.

7. Lil Windex – Bitcoin Ca$h

Just as the title reveals, this is a song about the cryptocurrency bitcoin cash.

The song is about getting rich on cryptocurrencies and how life like that can be. Money bundles, villas and large necklaces are just some of the ingredients in this video.

8. Zhou Tonged – Bitcoin’s Back

“Zhou tonged” is bitcoin slang for when your crypto positions are automatically liquidated in connection with a so-called “margin call”. It is also the name behind the group that posted this song on Youtube.

The song is a cover of Eminem’s “Without me” and is surprisingly well made.

9. Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire

Again a song about getting rich on bitcoin – this time a bitcoin billionaire. Artist Remy raps about how he first was poor but then discovered bitcoin.

We see money, furs and private jets in a – to be honest – quite tacky framing. But if you like bitcoin and funny songs, then this one can definitely be amusing.

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