Crypto markets remain unchanged – litecoin decreases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 23 February, 15:16

New survey: Many young people trust bitcoin more than the stock market

Christian Ploog, 22 February, 16:52

Eos increases and xrp decreases on calm crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 22 February, 10:28

Premiere for new crypto conference in Stockholm: "A very big event"

Trijo News, 21 February, 13:16

Eos and litecoin soar the most on increasing crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 21 February, 10:00

Crypto markets show mixed numbers – ethereum declines after the increases

Christian Ploog, 20 February, 10:34

Despite recent price increases – the number of google searches on "bitcoin" continues to decline

Christian Ploog, 19 February, 18:00

Norwegian police confirm: Communication with the kidnappers is managed through cryptocurrency

Christian Ploog, 19 February, 14:15

Eos rallies 22 percent on rising crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 19 February, 11:10

One of the world's top business magazines launches newsletter about cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 18 February, 14:08

Crypto markets are rising by $5 billion – ethereum rallies over ten percent

Christian Ploog, 18 February, 11:06

Calm cryptomarkets – bitcoin up 0,04 percent the last 24 hours

Totte Löfström, 17 February, 10:57

Here is the question about JP Morgan's new "cryptocurrency" that no one can answer

Christian Ploog, 16 February, 21:15

Biggest cryptocurrencies show green numbers – litecoin increases the most

Christian Ploog, 16 February, 11:30

This is why JP Morgan's new cryptocurrency can threaten Ripple: "A no brainer"

Christian Ploog, 15 February, 15:10

Calm markets – litecoin increases most of the biggest cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 15 February, 09:55

American bank JP Morgan launches its own cryptocurrency

Christian Ploog, 14 February, 16:30

Here's the joke that tricked crypto twitter – "shorted" bitcoin from $19,665

Christian Ploog, 14 February, 13:30

Small declines in the crypto markets – eos loses the most

Christian Ploog, 14 February, 10:05

Analysis: This week's lesson is to always use the function "stop loss" when trading with cryptocurrencies

Trijo News, 13 February, 14:55

Crypto markets show green numbers – eos soars by more than five percent

Christian Ploog, 13 February, 10:16

Mixed numbers in the crypto markets – eos increases the most

Christian Ploog, 12 February, 08:06

Swedish company holds mining equipment worth $3.8 million as hostage – now the case is settled in court

Christian Ploog, 11 February, 17:22

Crypto markets continue to rise – ethereum increases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 11 February, 10:34

Broad declines in the crypto markets – xrp biggest loser

Totte Löfström, 10 February, 16:28

Bitcoin rallies and the crypto markets rise by $7 billion

Christian Ploog, 9 February, 16:11

Warning from asset manager: "Most cryptocurrencies will die a painful death"

Christian Ploog, 9 February, 15:24

Litecoin rallies over 10 percent after announcement about a new cooperation

Christian Ploog, 8 February, 11:40

Marblecards turns internet links into unique collectible cards – on the ethereum blockchain

Christian Ploog, 7 February, 17:55

Analyst at J.P. Morgan: Bitcoin hype will return to Wall Street

Christian Ploog, 7 February, 11:48

Calm crypto markets – bitcoin cash increases the most

Christian Ploog, 7 February, 09:48

Red numbers in the crypto markets – ethereum declines over 3,5 percent

Christian Ploog, 6 February, 10:12

Facebook makes its first crypto acquisition – hires team from blockchain startup

Christian Ploog, 5 February, 15:40

No major changes in the crypto markets – xrp loses most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 5 February, 11:28

$190 million allegedly disappeared when crypto exchange founder died – now it seems like the funds are being moved

Totte Löfström, 4 February, 13:55

Crypto markets are still unchanged – eos increases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 4 February, 12:02

Eos increases most on otherwise calm crypto markets

Christian Ploog, 3 February, 16:28

Small changes in the crypto markets over the last 24 hours

Christian Ploog, 2 February, 16:18

9 crypto songs to play at the pre-party

Tim Haldorsson, 1 February, 18:52

Crypto markets are declining while market cap of tether is increasing

Christian Ploog, 1 February, 11:25


Xrp rallied 15 percent in a short time – here are some possible explanations

Christian Ploog, 31 January, 15:18

Crypto markets continue to rise – increased $3 billion during the last 24 hours

Christian Ploog, 31 January, 10:52

Crypto markets are pointing upwards – eos increases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 30 January, 11:04

Crypto markets continue to decline – eos loses most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 29 January, 10:43

Analysis: Bitcoin price might be on the verge to break out – here's what to look out for

Trijo News, 28 January, 18:04

New report: During 2018, $15.4 billion was created in new crypto value

Christian Ploog, 28 January, 15:08

Bloody in the crypto markets – ethereum declines seven percent

Christian Ploog, 28 January, 11:34

Bitcoin increases most in price of the biggest cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 26 January, 10:38

Bitcoin is heading for a new record – has soon suffered its longest bear market ever

Christian Ploog, 25 January, 19:20

Bitcoin still holds $3,500 – eos increases the most

Christian Ploog, 25 January, 11:34

Ethereum declines most of the biggest cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 24 January, 11:42

New information regarding missing billionaire wife – witness has seen mysterious men near the residence

Christian Ploog, 23 January, 18:55

Crypto markets point slightly upwards – bitcoin cash increases most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 23 January, 13:22

Crypto markets are calm – bitcoin still holds $3,500

Christian Ploog, 22 January, 12:25

Fingerprint Cards delivers technology for the next generation of crypto wallet

Christian Ploog, 21 January, 22:30

Crypto markets continue to decline – bitcoin tests the $3,500 level

Christian Ploog, 21 January, 12:16

Crypto markets fall – bitcoin declines $140 in a short time

Christian Ploog, 20 January, 19:52

Bitcoin soared nearly $100 in a short period of time on Saturday

Christian Ploog, 19 January, 17:31

Calm markets – eos increases the most of the biggest cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 18 January, 13:42

New fintech community launches in Sweden – will provide faster access to venture capital

Christian Ploog, 17 January, 18:42

These are the five altcoins that could really challenge bitcoin

Trijo News, 17 January, 13:12

No major changes in the crypto markets – the big currencies are declining somewhat

Christian Ploog, 17 January, 11:48

No major changes in the crypto markets – ethereum falls back

Christian Ploog, 16 January, 11:30

Bitcoin's energy consumption decreases sharply – down 35 percent in recent months

Christian Ploog, 15 January, 16:50

Crypto markets are rising – ethereum approaches the fork and increases 8 percent

Christian Ploog, 15 January, 12:16

Crypto markets show red numbers – bitcoin cash and ethereum decline the most

Christian Ploog, 14 January, 11:29

Lull markets, lull markets and lull markets

Totte Löfström, 13 January, 17:44

Stable markets - bitcoin cash up 2.5 percent

Totte Löfström, 12 January, 16:12

Crypto markets are declining – the biggest currencies drop several percent

Christian Ploog, 11 January, 13:12

Crypto markets lose $10 billion – ethereum declines 12 percent

Christian Ploog, 10 January, 13:54

Now League of Legends players will be rewarded in cryptocurrency for simply playing the game

Totte Löfström, 10 January, 10:53

Linus, 34, is forced to pay millions to Swedish government: "The Tax Agency wants to force a legal process"

Christian Ploog, 9 January, 20:44

What is monero (XMR)?

Totte Löfström, 9 January, 14:58

After the demand for ransom in monero – police urge family not to pay

Christian Ploog, 9 January, 13:38

Calm crypto markets – the biggest currencies soar a few percent

Christian Ploog, 9 January, 12:06

Wife of Norwegian billionaire kidnapped – ransom to be paid in monero

Totte Löfström, 9 January, 10:39

Daily crypto: Coinbase halts transactions after suspected hacker attack and markets are going down

Christian Ploog, 8 January, 11:58

Crypto markets rise – bitcoin above $4,000 again

Christian Ploog, 7 January, 11:06

Litecoin rallies over 8 percent while other cryptocurrencies are bleeding

Christian Ploog, 6 January, 17:00

Stable markets - ethereum continues to soar

Christian Ploog, 5 January, 14:10

Ethereum continues to soar on otherwise calm markets

Christian Ploog, 4 January, 11:28

Today bitcoin turns ten years – Bitmex celebrates by advertising on front page of The Times

Christian Ploog, 3 January, 16:58

Crypto markets continue to rise – ethereum and eos increase the most

Christian Ploog, 3 January, 11:45

Ethereum is up 80 percent in one month and continues to rally – here are some explanations

Totte Löfström, 2 January, 18:00

Now you can pay with cryptocurrency in one of the world's most popular games Fortnite

Christian Ploog, 2 January, 16:14

Crypto critic Elizabeth Warren challenges Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential race

Christian Ploog, 2 January, 13:44

Daily crypto: Markets show green numbers – ethereum increases seven percent

Christian Ploog, 2 January, 11:14

Crypto markets start the year with small changes – bitcoin cash increases the most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 1 January, 16:42


Last trading day of the year ends in red – market cap down 79 percent during 2018

Christian Ploog, 31 December, 17:12

Daily crypto: Ethereum goes against the stream on otherwise calm markets

Christian Ploog, 30 December, 15:55

Ethereum upp 16.55 percent − and bitcoin died 91 times this year

Totte Löfström, 29 December, 11:20

No Christmas bull run and bitcoin cash falls 11 percent

Totte Löfström, 28 December, 11:14

Broad declines on the crypto markets, but eternal token increases over 200 percent

Totte Löfström, 27 December, 11:34

The Swedish "E-krona" crowned one of the new words of 2018

Totte Löfström, 27 December, 11:12

Daily crypto: Bitcoin cash and eos soar the most on otherwise calm markets

Christian Ploog, 26 December, 16:08

Daily crypto: Markets are declining after several days of gains

Christian Ploog, 25 December, 15:48

Daily crypto: Markets are rising – bitcoin rallies $200

Christian Ploog, 24 December, 13:45

Daily crypto: Ethereum rallies 18 percent – bitcoin again over $4,000

Christian Ploog, 23 December, 14:22

Daily crypto: Markets are declining – bitcoin cash loses the most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 22 December, 15:02

Facebook makes money on bitcoin scam about Elon Musk – Tesla: "The rumor about Elon is false"

Christian Ploog, 21 December, 19:52

Daily crypto: Bitcoin cash continues to rally on otherwise stagnant markets

Christian Ploog, 21 December, 12:34

Daily crypto: Bitcoin cash rallies and bitcoin is over $4,000 again

Christian Ploog, 20 December, 12:25

Daily crypto: Markets continue to rise – bitcoin over $3,700

Christian Ploog, 19 December, 11:28

Daily crypto: Markets rise sharply – eos rallies 25 percent

Christian Ploog, 18 December, 11:18

Daily crypto: Calm markets – bitcoin is trading at $3,300

Christian Ploog, 17 December, 11:22

Daily crypto: Markets are rising – ethereum increases the most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 16 December, 14:58

Trijo News launches guessing contest on what the bitcoin price will be on New Year's Eve

Trijo News, 14 December, 14:48

Daily crypto: Markets continue downward – biggest currencies drop several percent

Christian Ploog, 14 December, 11:02

Major stock exchange in Germany to launch trading platform for cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 13 December, 13:22

Daily crypto: Small movements in the markets – stellar declines the most

Christian Ploog, 13 December, 10:48

Prosecutors want former Mt. Gox CEO prisoned for ten years

Christian Ploog, 12 December, 18:36

Daily crypto: Red markets and rumors about a Samsung crypto wallet

Tim Haldorsson, 12 December, 10:45

Facebook seems to focus on crypto – is now hiring several blockchain specialists

Tim Haldorsson, 11 December, 14:24

Daily crypto: Prices show red numbers and bitcoin price volatility has increased sharply

Tim Haldorsson, 11 December, 09:30

Daily crypto: Markets are going up and bitcoin takes the lead

Tim Haldorsson, 10 December, 07:25

Daily crypto: Prices are bouncing back with bitcoin cash in the front

Tim Haldorsson, 9 December, 10:08

Daily crypto: Prices continue downwards and Coinbase is exploring listing more currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 8 December, 15:18

Bitmain, Roger Ver and the crypto exchange Kraken is sued for price manipulation

Tim Haldorsson, 7 December, 17:52

New study: "Pump and dump" makes up $7 million of all crypto trading every month

Tim Haldorsson, 7 December, 17:22

Opinion: Who wants to own bitcoin?

Trijo News, 7 December, 16:08

Daily crypto: Prices are declining and SEC is delaying ETF decision

Tim Haldorsson, 7 December, 10:28

Daily crypto: Lower prices and U.S. authorities want to track monero

Tim Haldorsson, 6 December, 11:08

New study shows: 77 percent of all bitcoin mining uses renewable energy

Tim Haldorsson, 5 December, 16:20

Daily crypto: Markets show small movements and Binance plans to launch its own blockchain

Tim Haldorsson, 5 December, 11:04

List: Here are the 15 hottest crypto companies in the Nordics

Trijo News, 4 December, 13:40

Daily crypto: Markets show red numbers and bitcoin mining becomes easier

Tim Haldorsson, 4 December, 08:50

Weekly analysis: December is usually a strong month for bitcoin, but this time it might be different

Tim Haldorsson, 3 December, 17:52

Daily crypto: Red numbers and the Venezuelan president raises the price of the currency petro

Tim Haldorsson, 3 December, 11:11

Daily crypto: Prices are bouncing back and CEO of a crypto company faces up to 120 years in prison

Tim Haldorsson, 2 December, 12:54

Daily crypto: Broad declines and SEC charges ICO promoters

Tim Haldorsson, 1 December, 12:26


Swedish crypto exchange Nova is relaunching: "Have worked day and night"

Christian Ploog, 30 November, 18:16

Daily crypto: Small movements upward and Coinbase lists a new cryptocurrency

Tim Haldorsson, 30 November, 11:08

SEC chairman's tough message to ICOs: "It is a security"

Tim Haldorsson, 29 November, 14:20

Daily crypto: Prices are going up and company is launching blockchain-based mobile phone

Tim Haldorsson, 29 November, 10:40

Sources: Nasdaq plans to launch bitcoin futures in early 2019

Tim Haldorsson, 28 November, 12:40

Daily crypto: Markets are rising and ethereum increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 28 November, 10:38

New report reveals: Young people want cryptocurrencies for Christmas

Tim Haldorsson, 27 November, 12:36

Daily crypto: Markets continue downward while "bitcoin sv" rallies

Tim Haldorsson, 27 November, 10:44

Simon Lindh: Don't believe the myth that bitcoin is a horrible environmental polluter

Trijo News, 26 November, 17:12

Daily crypto: Markets are bouncing back – bitcoin is above $4,000 again

Tim Haldorsson, 26 November, 10:34

Daily crypto: Markets are falling – bitcoin drops more than $600

Tim Haldorsson, 25 November, 13:22

Daily crypto: Markets continue downward while bitcoin cash rises

Tim Haldorsson, 24 November, 12:49

Daily crypto: Markets continue downward and bitcoin cash loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 23 November, 13:25

New study: The use of bitcoin as a means of payment has reduced significantly

Tim Haldorsson, 23 November, 12:52

Daily crypto: Markets rise slightly – ethereum increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 22 November, 11:32

Here are 7 crypto experts explaining why the markets are falling

Christian Ploog, 21 November, 18:25

7 possible reasons why the crypto markets are falling right now

Tim Haldorsson, 21 November, 11:45

Daily crypto: Markets continue downward while bitcoin cash recovers lost ground

Tim Haldorsson, 21 November, 10:03

Daily crypto: Bloody massacre on the markets – bitcoin is traded below $5,000

Tim Haldorsson, 20 November, 10:55

Markets continue to fall – $18 billion disappeared on Monday

Tim Haldorsson, 19 November, 18:46

Daily crypto: Markets show red numbers – ethereum loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 19 November, 09:08

Daily crypto: Markets show green numbers and xrp increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 18 November, 12:50

Analyst firm: It might take several months for bitcoin to recover

Tim Haldorsson, 17 November, 15:55

Daily crypto: Markets decline – bitcoin cash loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 17 November, 14:26

Daily crypto: Markets are rising and bitcoin cash divides itself

Tim Haldorsson, 16 November, 10:24

Analysis: Here is why bitcoin dropped 15 percent during Wednesday

Trijo News, 15 November, 15:37

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao: Trading volume two times larger than reported

Tim Haldorsson, 15 November, 14:10

Bitcoin cash plans big hard fork – here is all you need to know

Tim Haldorsson, 15 November, 11:20

Daily crypto: Blood red markets – bitcoin falls more than ten percent

Tim Haldorsson, 15 November, 10:18

Eric Wall: Money 20/20 in Las Vegas is the most professional crypto conference I've been to

Trijo News, 14 November, 17:42

Daily crypto: Declining markets – stellar loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 14 November, 11:20

Daily crypto: Red numbers in the markets and xrp increases after new collaboration

Tim Haldorsson, 13 November, 10:24

Daily crypto: Markets rise slightly and stellar increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 12 November, 10:03

Daily crypto: Markets go downwards – bitcoin cash loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 11 November, 18:56

Daily crypto: Markets go downwards and bitcoin cash is falling

Tim Haldorsson, 10 November, 14:01

Daily crypto: Markets go downwards – stellar is now the fifth biggest cryptocurrency

Tim Haldorsson, 9 November, 12:04

Stellar is planning the largest airdrop ever – giving away more than $125 million

Tim Haldorsson, 8 November, 16:34

Daily crypto: Markets are falling back and bitcoin cash loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 8 November, 10:33

Tech company aims to offer free internet to people in developing countries – with blockchain technology

Trijo News, 7 November, 17:42

Giant order for Swedish fintech company – will deliver trading system to Bitstamp

Tim Haldorsson, 7 November, 13:10

Norwegian bitcoin exchange got its bank account shut down – revenue still increased by 1,000 percent

Tim Haldorsson, 7 November, 11:44

Daily crypto: Wide gains and bitcoin cash continues surging

Tim Haldorsson, 7 November, 10:42

Daily crypto: Markets show green numbers and xrp rallies

Tim Haldorsson, 6 November, 10:08

Daily crypto: Markets are rising – bitcoin cash increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 5 November, 09:52

Daily crypto: Markets increase slightly – bitcoin cash rallies further

Tim Haldorsson, 4 November, 11:53

Daily crypto: Markets increasing – bitcoin cash rallies

Tim Haldorsson, 3 November, 14:40

Fund manager Vaneck about their bitcoin ETF application: "We are the closest that we can be"

Tim Haldorsson, 3 November, 14:28

Brazil's tax authorities want to tighten rules for cryptocurrencies

Tim Haldorsson, 3 November, 13:38

Bahama-based bank: "All tether in the market is fully backed by U.S. dollar"

Tim Haldorsson, 2 November, 14:20

Daily crypto: Markets go downwards – eos loses the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 2 November, 14:18

Swedish tech millionaire invests heavily in crypto companies

Tim Haldorsson, 1 November, 18:58

Daily crypto: Green numbers – eos increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 1 November, 10:52


Hip hip hodl! Bitcoin turns ten years old today

Tim Haldorsson, 31 October, 19:42

Daily crypto: Stagnant markets – ethereum is traded below $200

Tim Haldorsson, 31 October, 13:25

Study finds bitcoin could take global warming over two degrees – crypto experts call it fake news

Tim Haldorsson, 30 October, 18:23

Jan Granroth: Stay away from tether and other fake fiat – it won't end well

Jan Granroth, 30 October, 12:56

Daily crypto: Markets drop in value – bitcoin cash declines the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 30 October, 11:31

Crypto exchange Bitstamp is bought by South Korean conglomerate

Christian Ploog, 29 October, 13:45

Daily crypto: Calm markets – lowest volatility since April 2017

Tim Haldorsson, 29 October, 12:05

Swedish central bank in new report: Here is why we need a state-backed digital currency

Tim Haldorsson, 27 October, 14:08

Daily crypto: Markets rise slightly – bitcoin trading volume increases

Tim Haldorsson, 27 October, 13:38

Starflow's ICO is going slow: "Nothing was what the market had promised"

Christian Ploog, 26 October, 13:26

Daily crypto: Calm markets – bitcoin trading volume declines

Tim Haldorsson, 26 October, 11:08

Daily crypto: Markets are declining – Tether buys back and destroys 500 million units

Tim Haldorsson, 25 October, 12:25

Danish bitcoin exchange goes bankrupt following dispute with credit card supplier

Tim Haldorsson, 24 October, 22:56

Swedish company Trijo gets license in Estonia to operate crypto exchange in the EU

Christian Ploog, 24 October, 18:35

Coinbase challenges tether – launches new stablecoin for U.S. dollar

Tim Haldorsson, 24 October, 15:40

Daily crypto: Markets rise slightly – xrp increases the most of the biggest currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 24 October, 11:40

Daily crypto: Stagnant markets and new listing on Binance led to rally

Tim Haldorsson, 23 October, 11:30

Here is where big banks and crypto exchanges are hiding their bitcoin billions

Tim Haldorsson, 22 October, 17:28

Daily crypto: Markets go downwards – biggest currencies show red numbers

Tim Haldorsson, 22 October, 10:58

Daily crypto: Cautious markets – bitcoin cash increases the most of the big currencies

Tim Haldorsson, 21 October, 13:48

Bitcoin trading volume approaches year low – might be the calm before the storm

Tim Haldorsson, 19 October, 16:16

New report shows: Bitcoin futures trading has increased sharply

Tim Haldorsson, 19 October, 12:08

Daily crypto: Wide declines in the markets – but tether is rising

Tim Haldorsson, 19 October, 10:34

Daily crypto: Markets are going down – stellar is in the green

Tim Haldorsson, 18 October, 15:00

Bitfinex might have found a long-term solution to its banking troubles

Tim Haldorsson, 17 October, 17:42

Daily crypto: Markets decline and Coinbase lists new cryptocurrency

Tim Haldorsson, 17 October, 10:58

Investors are fleeing tether – here is what it may be due to

Tim Haldorsson, 16 October, 13:45

Daily crypto: Calm markets and tether retrieves lost grounds

Tim Haldorsson, 16 October, 12:00

After stagnant markets – bitcoin rallies $1,500 in two hours

Christian Ploog, 15 October, 10:07

Economics professor to U.S. Senate: Cryptocurrencies are the mother of all scams

Tim Haldorsson, 12 October, 16:37

New study shows: China controls 74 percent of the world's bitcoin mining

Tim Haldorsson, 12 October, 15:45

Daily crypto: Xrp goes up – ethereum falls further

Tim Haldorsson, 12 October, 11:06

Crypto exchange is planning open price manipulation

Tim Haldorsson, 11 October, 18:34

Jan Granroth: Infants like Roger Ver and Jimmy Song pose a risk to the entire crypto industry

Jan Granroth, 11 October, 17:23

Daily crypto: Bloodbath in the markets – ethereum falls more than 10 percent

Tim Haldorsson, 11 October, 13:36

Researchers: Crypto market is close to a collapse

Tim Haldorsson, 10 October, 16:07

Crypto analyst: Obvious that bitcoin is about to explode in price

Tim Haldorsson, 10 October, 15:16

Daily crypto: Red numbers in the markets – xrp loses the most

Tim Haldorsson, 10 October, 10:22

Major crypto exchanges thrive while smaller ones struggle in bear market

Tim Haldorsson, 9 October, 15:48

Daily crypto: Markets soar slightly – eos increases the most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 9 October, 10:00

Binance donates all listing fees to charity

Tim Haldorsson, 8 October, 17:06

New compilation reveals: More and more countries track crypto users

Tim Haldorsson, 8 October, 14:12

Daily crypto: Calm markets – xrp increases the most

Christian Ploog, 8 October, 10:04

Daily crypto: Small movements in the markets – ethereum increases the most

Christian Ploog, 6 October, 14:56

Real estate in Manhattan worth $30 million become tokens on ethereum's blockchain

Tim Haldorsson, 5 October, 16:26

Daily crypto: Markets decline slightly – xrp loses the most of the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 5 October, 14:46

Winklevoss twins' crypto exchange offers insurance to its customers

Tim Haldorsson, 4 October, 12:47

Daily crypto: Green numbers and rising market cap

Christian Ploog, 4 October, 10:26

Coinbase wants to raise more venture capital – looking at $8 billion valuation

Tim Haldorsson, 3 October, 17:01

New review shows: Trading bots are manipulating crypto prices

Tim Haldorsson, 3 October, 14:15

Daily crypto: Xrp declines the most despite big Ripple conference where Bill Clinton spoke

Christian Ploog, 3 October, 12:24

Hedge funds are buying cryptocurrencies through private deals

Tim Haldorsson, 2 October, 13:48

Daily crypto: Xrp declines several percent – despite new partnerships with major banks

Christian Ploog, 2 October, 10:34

Binance aims to launch decentralized crypto exchange at the turn of the year

Tim Haldorsson, 1 October, 18:30

Malta's prime minister: Cryptocurrencies will inevitably become the future of money

Tim Haldorsson, 1 October, 17:30

Daily crypto: Small movements in the markets during the last 24 hours

Christian Ploog, 1 October, 10:06


Daily crypto: Stable markets and xrp surges almost ten percent

Christian Ploog, 29 September, 14:28

Binance CEO: The bull market will return soon

Tim Haldorsson, 28 September, 15:44

Crypto expert: Ethereum can rally to $1,900 by the end of the year

Tim Haldorsson, 28 September, 12:38

Daily crypto: Markets on the rise and bitcoin soars $200 in half an hour

Christian Ploog, 28 September, 11:55

One of the world's biggest crypto companies has filed for an IPO

Tim Haldorsson, 27 September, 15:05

Daily crypto: Bitcoin cash rallies following news about mining giant IPO

Christian Ploog, 27 September, 12:40

Google removes ban for certain crypto ads

Tim Haldorsson, 26 September, 17:26

Coinbase ready to list new cryptocurrencies

Tim Haldorsson, 26 September, 14:22

Daily crypto: Mixed numbers and xrp rallies after news from Coinbase

Christian Ploog, 26 September, 10:44

Trustee of Mt. Gox's bankruptcy has sold bitcoin for $230 million

Tim Haldorsson, 25 September, 15:14

New study: Investors are holding on to their bitcoin

Tim Haldorsson, 25 September, 13:18

Daily crypto: Markets are falling back – xrp declines more than 18 percent

Christian Ploog, 25 September, 10:17

Xrp rallied more than 100 percent last week – here is what it may be due to

Tim Haldorsson, 24 September, 18:20

Daily crypto: Markets are declining – 74 of the 100 biggest currencies show red numbers

Christian Ploog, 24 September, 11:08

SEC postpones decision regarding bitcoin ETF

Tim Haldorsson, 21 September, 18:38

Investment giant Fidelity plans to launch crypto products before end of the year

Tim Haldorsson, 21 September, 18:25

Xrp passes ethereum as the world's second-biggest cryptocurrency

Christian Ploog, 21 September, 17:08

Daily crypto: Xrp rallies again – has soared more than 45 percent in the last 24 hours

Christian Ploog, 21 September, 12:08

Binance reveals plans to launch crypto exchanges all around the world

Tim Haldorsson, 20 September, 17:48

Ethereum founder wrote graphic blog post about sex with eleven-year-old girl

Christian Ploog, 20 September, 15:20

Japanese crypto exchange hacked – $59 million reported stolen

Tim Haldorsson, 20 September, 13:58

Daily crypto: Bitcoin is volatile and eos increased the most among the biggest currencies

Christian Ploog, 20 September, 11:57

New York attorney general report: Crypto exchanges are at risk of price manipulation

Tim Haldorsson, 19 September, 15:34

Daily crypto: Xrp rallies after Ripple hints about launching commercial application

Christian Ploog, 19 September, 11:34

Nasdaq approaches the crypto world – wants to acquire Swedish fintech company Cinnober

Tim Haldorsson, 19 September, 10:42

Daily crypto: Markets are declining – ethereum is once again below $200

Christian Ploog, 18 September, 13:08

Big stock market "sharks" start Norway's first investment company for cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 17 September, 17:52

Daily crypto: Small price movements and Binance tests new "crypto to fiat" exchange

Christian Ploog, 17 September, 11:43

Daily crypto: Bitcoin is stabilizing – but may be oversold

Christian Ploog, 16 September, 14:34

Daily crypto: Small market movements and women underrepresented in crypto investments

Christian Ploog, 15 September, 14:48

Daily crypto: Markets are rising – ethereum up 30 percent in two days

Christian Ploog, 14 September, 12:04

Daily crypto: Markets recover and experts believe stablecoins can have major impact on crypto

Christian Ploog, 13 September, 13:40

Leading crypto companies launch lobby group to influence Washington politicians

Tim Haldorsson, 13 September, 10:05

Malta's crypto license heavily criticized: "These requirements eliminate startups outright"

Christian Ploog, 12 September, 15:25

Crypto CEO: The proposed rulebook could kill the dream of Malta as the blockchain island

Totte Löfström, 12 September, 15:12

Daily crypto: Ethereum plummets and bitcoin market share increases

Christian Ploog, 12 September, 13:05

Decline in ethereum price may be due to reduced interest in ICOs

Tim Haldorsson, 11 September, 18:40

Daily crypto: Mixed numbers and 72 percent of crypto investors plan to buy more this year

Christian Ploog, 11 September, 09:54

Winklevoss twins launches tether challanger

Totte Löfström, 10 September, 17:02

Daily crypto: Green numbers and US suspends trading with Swedish XBT certificates

Christian Ploog, 10 September, 11:11

Daily crypto: Bitcoin rallies 260 dollars in three minutes and ethereum continues to drag down the markets

Christian Ploog, 9 September, 16:05

American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is laying off 57 employees

Totte Löfström, 7 September, 15:06

Daily crypto: Markets are stabilizing and half of American millennials interested in using cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 7 September, 12:12

Coinbase may apply for crypto ETF – has sought help from fund giant Blackrock

Tim Haldorsson, 7 September, 10:50

Coinbase makes it easier for British customers to trade cryptocurrencies

Tim Haldorsson, 6 September, 15:40

Bitcoin continues to decline – price is down $1,000 since yesterday

Christian Ploog, 6 September, 11:44

Daily crypto: CEO believes in bitcoin ETF within one year and cryptokitty sold for $172,000

Tim Haldorsson, 5 September, 16:57

Bitcoin price falls almost 500 dollars in the course of an hour

Christian Ploog, 5 September, 13:15

Wallet with over 110,000 bitcoin remained untouched for four years - now someone is moving the funds

Tim Haldorsson, 4 September, 17:54

Bitcoin cash supporters are wrong – bitcoin should be hodled, not spent

Trijo News, 4 September, 17:35

Daily crypto: Alibaba files for blockchain patents and monero rallies

Christian Ploog, 4 September, 10:12

Jan Granroth: People are too stupid for cryptocurrencies

Jan Granroth, 3 September, 14:55

Daily crypto: Markets are going down and bitcoin cash succeed with stress test

Christian Ploog, 3 September, 11:15

New report: Monero is going to the moon and xrp faces historical crash

Tim Haldorsson, 1 September, 19:50


European Union is gathering to discuss cryptocurrencies – sees both risks and opportunities

Tim Haldorsson, 31 August, 12:21

Daily crypto: Bitcoin over $7,000 again and CBOE might launch ethereum futures contracts

Christian Ploog, 31 August, 11:16

Daily crypto: Litecoin creator recommends buying bitcoin in down market

Christian Ploog, 30 August, 10:33

Daily crypto: Prices are soaring and 18 percent of American students own cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 29 August, 11:38

Bitcoin over $7,000 again – the trend points upwards

Totte Löfström, 28 August, 15:00

Daily crypto: Bitcoin is approaching $7,000 and Chinese search giant can block crypto

Christian Ploog, 28 August, 12:00

Daily crypto: Prices are going up and experts have different opinions about bitcoin's future

Christian Ploog, 27 August, 13:15

Daily crypto: Markets are on the rise despite bad news

Christian Ploog, 24 August, 11:54

Daily crypto: Applications for bitcoin ETFs are rejected and the biggest currencies are dipping

Christian Ploog, 23 August, 12:12

Daily crypto: Bitcoin rallies $400 in minutes – other currencies follow suit

Christian Ploog, 22 August, 12:12

Daily crypto: Bitcoin remains at $6,400 and China updates crypto list

Christian Ploog, 21 August, 13:26

Daily crypto: Markets show mixed numbers and three arrested in China for bitcoin theft

Christian Ploog, 20 August, 12:48

Daily crypto: Strong recovery and Bitmex CEO calls ethereum "a shitcoin"

Totte Löfström, 16 August, 11:41

Daily crypto: Markets turn up, but "90 percent of the market will die"

Totte Löfström, 15 August, 10:56

Tim Draper just released a song about bitcoin – listen to it here

Totte Löfström, 14 August, 17:00

Total breakdown on the crypto markets – ethereum down more than 15 percent

Totte Löfström, 14 August, 10:56

Member of parliament: Politicians knowledge of cryptocurrencies is horribly low

Totte Löfström, 13 August, 16:58

Daily crypto: Bearish markets and tether continues to print more money

Totte Löfström, 13 August, 09:18

Daily crypto: Markets turn up and now you can get $44,000 dollar for unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

Totte Löfström, 12 August, 11:17

Daily crypto: Bitcoin falls and now makes up 50 percent of entire crypto market cap

Christian Ploog, 11 August, 11:00

Is Amazon about to accept cryptocurrencies as payment? Here's all we know

Christian Ploog, 10 August, 20:34

Daily crypto: DEA admits that bitcoin's illegal use has reduced considerably

Christian Ploog, 10 August, 12:25

Daily crypto: The markets still show red numbers

Christian Ploog, 9 August, 12:52

Canada's biggest investment firm: Bitcoin ETF not likely in 2018

Christian Ploog, 8 August, 19:10

Four companies come together to revolutionize the advertising industry: "We already have customers"

Trijo News, 8 August, 17:00

Daily crypto: Markets are plummeting – bitcoin is traded at $6,500

Christian Ploog, 8 August, 12:46

Jan Granroth: Blockchain does not only threaten banks – even H&M fears transparency

Jan Granroth, 7 August, 17:42

Daily crypto: Ethereum classic rallies following news of major market listings

Christian Ploog, 7 August, 11:38

Goldman Sachs just declared bitcoin dead – now the investment bank may store the currency for crypto funds

Christian Ploog, 6 August, 18:32

Daily crypto: Wall Street veteran warns of bad banking practices through Bakkt

Christian Ploog, 6 August, 12:37

Daily crypto: Bitcoin below $7,000 and Coinbase approaches ethereum classic

Christian Ploog, 5 August, 16:55

Daily crypto: Prices continue to fall despite news of huge crypto platform

Christian Ploog, 4 August, 16:38

World's biggest stock exchange operator is launching huge crypto platform – with Microsoft and Starbucks

Christian Ploog, 3 August, 19:08

Daily crypto: Prices are falling and Japan's role in the crypto world might be exaggerated

Christian Ploog, 3 August, 12:10

Daily crypto: Calm markets and Coinbase adds British pounds

Christian Ploog, 2 August, 11:18

Study reveals: 88 percent of the world's crypto exchanges want regulations

Christian Ploog, 1 August, 17:02

Daily crypto: Bloody day in the markets – bitcoin drops to $7,500

Christian Ploog, 1 August, 11:48


Daily crypto: Bitcoin shows strong recovery capacity and mining company makes billion dollar profit

Christian Ploog, 31 July, 14:10

Daily crypto: Small price movements and football club will start paying players in cryptocurrency

Christian Ploog, 30 July, 12:45

Daily crypto: Stagnant markets and only two percent of US investors own bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 29 July, 16:18

Christoffer De Geer: Facebook's "facecoin" can never compete with bitcoin

Trijo News, 27 July, 16:25

Daily crypto: Bitcoin under $8,000 after Winklevoss twins ETF application got rejected

Christian Ploog, 27 July, 11:46

Simon Lindh: Invested in an ICO? Congratulations! You were probably fooled

Trijo News, 26 July, 18:18

Daily crypto: Stellar soars and $572 million in bitcoin futures were traded during Tuesday

Christian Ploog, 26 July, 12:50

Daily crypto: Bitcoin reached $8,500 and ruling on bitcoin ETF is delayed

Christian Ploog, 25 July, 12:17

Daily crypto: Bitcoin continues to soar and Binance to launch operations in South Korea

Christian Ploog, 24 July, 12:47

Bitcoin breaks above $8,000 for the first time since May

Totte Löfström, 24 July, 11:50

Daily crypto: Bitcoin continues up and many ICOs do not survive

Christian Ploog, 23 July, 11:33

Daily crypto: Bitcoin remains strong and several banks pursuing crypto patents

Christian Ploog, 20 July, 13:15

Simon Lindh: I'm more bullish on bitcoin than ever – here is why

Trijo News, 19 July, 18:35

Daily crypto: Chairman of Federal Reserve critical towards cryptocurrencies and increased trading volume in bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 19 July, 12:09

Mastercard is looking into the possibility of having bitcoin on their debit cards

Christian Ploog, 18 July, 14:42

Cryptocurrency markets experience big rise – bitcoin over $7400

Gerald Fenech, 18 July, 11:05

The worlds biggest crypto exchange Binance is down

Totte Löfström, 17 July, 20:51

Jan Granroth: Japan is miles ahead Europe when it comes to cryptocurrencies

Jan Granroth, 17 July, 15:50

Big investment firm: "Warren Buffett is wrong about cryptocurrencies"

Christian Ploog, 16 July, 17:32

Daily crypto: Markets continue to rise and South Korean exchange Bithumb expands

Christian Ploog, 16 July, 11:32

Daily crypto: Markets on the rise and South Africans are positive to cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 15 July, 16:12

This tech company wants to stop ad fraud – by using the blockchain

Trijo News, 14 July, 11:10

Daily crypto: Decentralized exchange hacked and Nobel prize-winning economics professor attacks bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 10 July, 12:15

Daily crypto: Calm markets, and Binance aims for billion dollar profit

Totte Löfström, 7 July, 11:02

This is a warning: What if the crypto revolution leads to a Google of banks?

Totte Löfström, 4 July, 12:51

Daily crypto: Red numbers but bitcoin might be on its way to $7.000 again

Totte Löfström, 4 July, 12:48

Daily crypto: Someone on the internet pretends to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Totte Löfström, 2 July, 10:38


Director at big investment firm: "We are very bullish about ethereum"

Christian Ploog, 29 June, 12:25

Daily crypto: Prices drops and Facebook is easing its ban on crypto ads

Christian Ploog, 27 June, 09:31

Here is all you need to know about how cryptocurrencies work

Jan Granroth, 21 June, 14:20

Jan Granroth: Your savings are down almost 14 percent in 5 years

Jan Granroth, 21 June, 11:41

Daily crypto: Tether report allegedly proves dollar backing and markets on the rise

Christian Ploog, 21 June, 08:55

Daily crypto: Large crypto exchange hacked and John McAfee won't promote ICOs

Christian Ploog, 20 June, 09:27

Jan Granroth: This is what it takes for bitcoin to reach $20 000 again

Jan Granroth, 15 June, 13:30

Daily crypto: Eos blockchain up and running and prices going up

Christian Ploog, 15 June, 09:19

Daily crypto: Study shows that tether may have pushed up bitcoin price and $6,100 still holding

Christian Ploog, 14 June, 09:30

Daily crypto: Markets keep falling – bitcoin below $6,400

Christian Ploog, 13 June, 13:56

Sweden's largest crypto exchange launches trading platform

Christian Ploog, 13 June, 12:38

Daily crypto: Markets are recovering and Coinbase announce support for ethereum classic

Christian Ploog, 12 June, 09:24

LGBT persons around the world can now get married – thanks to blockchain

Christian Ploog, 11 June, 16:12

Daily crypto: South Korean crypto exchange hacked and markets are bleeding

Christian Ploog, 11 June, 09:25

51% attacks are getting more common – this is how they work

Jan Granroth, 10 June, 13:23

Daily crypto: Markets go down and prices show red numbers

Christian Ploog, 10 June, 12:34

Daily crypto: Markets mostly red and national bank dismisses blockchain technology

Jan Granroth, 8 June, 10:02

Founder of airline Norwegian will launch a crypto exchange

Christian Ploog, 7 June, 21:05

This is the meaning of "HODL" in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Totte Löfström, 7 June, 16:03

The world's largest ICO has ended – this is what's happening to eos now

Jan Granroth, 7 June, 14:09

Daily crypto: Markets have turned green and Coinbase to become a regulated broker-dealer

Christian Ploog, 7 June, 08:52

Professor: This is how the crypto market will look at the end of the year

Jan Granroth, 6 June, 11:03

Daily crypto: Broad upturns and analyst firm lower forecast for bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 6 June, 09:30

Daily crypto: Prices are in the red and Coinbase opens in Japan

Christian Ploog, 5 June, 10:39

Henrik Wallin: Bitcoin is more vulnerable than ever

Trijo News, 4 June, 13:49

Daily crypto: Prices show mixed numbers and John McAfee is running for president

Christian Ploog, 4 June, 09:33

The entire crypto market has increased by over $22 billion over the weekend

Christian Ploog, 3 June, 14:01

Daily crypto: Bittrex introduces trading pairs in dollars and more crypto exchanges to Malta

Christian Ploog, 1 June, 10:45


Nazi organization got their bank accounts shut down – this is how much bitcoin they’ve raised since

Totte Löfström, 31 May, 15:00

Daily crypto: Canadian banks hacked and Ripple wants to separate the company from the cryptocurrency

Christian Ploog, 31 May, 09:14

Jan Granroth: This is why cryptocurrencies will change the world

Jan Granroth, 30 May, 14:06

Daily crypto: Markets are going up and South Korea may soon legalize ICOs

Christian Ploog, 30 May, 10:04

Daily crypto: Markets continue down and ethereum classic will fork

Christian Ploog, 29 May, 11:34

Daily crypto: Prices continue down and new big crypto exchanges will launch

Christian Ploog, 28 May, 09:58

Analysts negative to the price trend in bitcoin: "Can't see $7,000 holding"

Christian Ploog, 26 May, 22:29

Ethereum has growing pains – can pose a threat to the entire network

Jan Granroth, 26 May, 13:12

Bitcoin celebrities invest heavily in Swedish startup Altpocket

Totte Löfström, 26 May, 10:54

Daily crypto: prices are falling and Coinbase launches new pro platform

Christian Ploog, 25 May, 09:31

U.S. launches investigation on price manipulation of bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 24 May, 12:39

Cryptocurrencies are falling – here are a few possible explanations to why

Christian Ploog, 23 May, 14:37

This is how anonymous bitcoin actually is

Jan Granroth, 23 May, 12:45

Daily crypto: Markets going down and hacker attack against Verge

Christian Ploog, 23 May, 10:48

Today it is eight years since someone bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins

Christian Ploog, 22 May, 16:06

Startup has launched the world's biggest crypto exchange comparison site

Christian Ploog, 22 May, 11:16

Daily crypto: Markets show red numbers and bank make payments using bitcoin

Christian Ploog, 22 May, 10:48

This new service lets bitcoin millionaires pay for luxury products with crypto

Christian Ploog, 21 May, 10:51

Daily crypto: Green numbers and new crypto exchange for institutional investors is being launched

Christian Ploog, 21 May, 09:12

8,200 bitcoins from Mt. Gox have been moved from cold storage

Anthony Livebrant, 11 May, 14:16

Opinion: First they laughed, then they called it a scam – now they are buying

Jan Granroth, 9 May, 12:28

Scientists: Bitcoin is much more vulnerable than previously expected

Anthony Livebrant, 9 May, 12:07

The police: No cases of serious crime with cryptocurrencies

Anthony Livebrant, 9 May, 10:34

Daily crypto: The markets turn up again and Bill Gates wants to short bitcoin

Totte Löfström, 8 May, 09:52

Is this the reason why Warren Buffett is negative to cryptocurrencies?

Anthony Livebrant, 7 May, 15:52

Daily crypto: Big losses and Coinmarketcap removes bitcoin.com

Totte Löfström, 7 May, 08:44

Daily crypto: Slight correction and bitcoin analyst urges not to buy crypto right now

Totte Löfström, 6 May, 07:41

Daily crypto: Markets continue up and angel investor has bought 10,000 bitcoins

Christian Ploog, 5 May, 09:19

One of Europes biggest banks wins trial against small bitcoin exchange

Totte Löfström, 4 May, 09:37

Daily crypto: Ethereum on a bull run and Mastercard shows less growth due to lower interest for crypto

Totte Löfström, 4 May, 07:43

Difficulties for crypto companies to get bank account in Malta – financial secretary is trying to solve the situation

Anthony Livebrant, 3 May, 14:18

Daily crypto: Bullmarket, crypto winter predicted and ethereum at $15,000 before the end of 2018

Totte Löfström, 3 May, 07:38

Best month of the year for bitcoin – 33 percent up

Jan Granroth, 2 May, 15:58

Now bitcoin is being mined – at 35,000 meters height

Anthony Livebrant, 2 May, 13:47

Big investment firm predicts 90 percent correction in the crypto markets

Totte Löfström, 2 May, 13:11

Daily crypto: The markets look bullish again, and investment banks compete in crypto

Totte Löfström, 2 May, 10:36

Kanye West: "That was the moment when I wanted to use bitcoin"

Totte Löfström, 2 May, 08:57

Source: Gigantic investment banks are racing to be the first into crypto

Christian Ploog, 1 May, 14:47

Daily crypto: Bitcoin trades under $9,000 and Japan wants to stop private coins

Totte Löfström, 1 May, 07:54


Here is all you need to know about bitcoin cash's next hard fork

Christian Ploog, 30 April, 16:17

Here is a children's book that explains bitcoin and blockchain

Anthony Livebrant, 30 April, 13:34

Daily crypto: The market is going down and Warren Buffett calls bitcoin gambling

Totte Löfström, 30 April, 07:41

Swedish green government party in big interview: "Clearly, the banks see cryptocurrencies as competition"

Christian Ploog, 29 April, 19:35

Financial consulting firm: Ethereum could hit $2,500 by the end of 2018

Christian Ploog, 28 April, 16:10

Daily crypto: Calm market, France cuts tax on crypto and Revolut announces a new crypto card

Totte Löfström, 28 April, 07:30

Daily crypto: Mostly green numbers and Mt. Gox moves bitcoins again

Totte Löfström, 27 April, 14:55

Binance has only been around for 9 months but is already more profitable than Germany's biggest bank

Christian Ploog, 26 April, 17:49

Daily crypto: Today the 17 millionth bitcoin will be mined, and the markets continues down

Totte Löfström, 26 April, 08:33

Gaming company is said to buy Bitstamp – for $350 million

Christian Ploog, 25 April, 20:19

One of Norway's biggest financial families has started a crypto company

Christian Ploog, 25 April, 14:24

Daily crypto: Price corrections, "bitcoin is a scam" and more crypto jobs available

Totte Löfström, 25 April, 07:09

New survey: At least 56 finance firms will buy crypto within six months

Christian Ploog, 24 April, 14:39

Daily crypto: Tax shock in Finland and bitcoin cash and eos continues their journey to the moon

Totte Löfström, 24 April, 07:06

Linkedin founder: The ban on crypto ads is only temporary

Christian Ploog, 23 April, 21:51

Richard Heart and Wiki founder among the speakers at big Swedish crypto conference

Christian Ploog, 23 April, 13:13

Iran bans use of cryptocurrencies – after its own currency hit an all-time low

Christian Ploog, 23 April, 11:23

Daily crypto: Coinbase bans Wikileaks and bitcoin cash are going for the moon

Totte Löfström, 23 April, 07:20

The crypto market continues to rise – "bitcoin was incredibly oversold"

Christian Ploog, 22 April, 15:10

Daily crypto: Facebook block links to crypto site, ripple and bitcoin cash are bullish

Totte Löfström, 20 April, 06:57

Daily crypto: Good time to buy according to Pantera and strong growth for bitcoin cash

Totte Löfström, 19 April, 08:09

New survey: This is what Britons thinks about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Totte Löfström, 18 April, 09:16

Daily crypto: Cambridge Analytica planned to start an ICO and Verge partner up with Pornhub

Totte Löfström, 18 April, 07:32

Cryptocurrency Verge partner up with porn site – price dips after the announcement

Christian Ploog, 17 April, 17:26

Daily crypto: Kraken leaves Japan and Ripple demands more regulations

Totte Löfström, 17 April, 05:49

Here's why Ripple's XRP outperformed all other major cryptocurrencies last week

Christian Ploog, 16 April, 20:51

Daily crypto: "Bitcoin is where internet was in the 1980's" and Norwegian are suing Nordea Bank

Totte Löfström, 16 April, 08:36

Norwegian bitcoin exchange sues Nordea Bank after having their account shut down

Totte Löfström, 15 April, 10:57

Daily crypto: Fund believes in new highs for bitcoin: "Will reach $20,000 within a year"

Christian Ploog, 14 April, 13:04

Daily crypto: Bitcoin battles on and crypto exchange OKEx moves to Malta

Christian Ploog, 13 April, 11:15

Bitcoin price jumps $1,000 within 30 minutes – new price record for April

Christian Ploog, 12 April, 15:06

Daily crypto: EOS passed Litecoin in market cap and Telegram might cancel ICO

Christian Ploog, 12 April, 12:03

Bittrex opened for new customers after four months – was forced to close again within an hour

Christian Ploog, 11 April, 17:51

Daily crypto: Luxury watchmaker accepts bitcoin and Bittrex is taking new customers again

Christian Ploog, 11 April, 10:28

Daily crypto – Tuesday: Red numbers, and drama surrounding @Bitcoin Twitter account

Totte Löfström, 10 April, 08:29

The @Bitcoin Twitter account is back – lost over 700,000 followers

Christian Ploog, 9 April, 23:40

Daily crypto: Market on its way up and Bitfinex introduces 12 new coins

Christian Ploog, 9 April, 11:28

First billionaire Soros – now Rockefeller also enters the world of crypto

Christian Ploog, 8 April, 15:41

Twitter has suspended the account @Bitcoin

Totte Löfström, 8 April, 09:35

Daily crypto: Green numbers on the market and news from Coinbase

Christian Ploog, 7 April, 17:00

Daily crypto: India bans cryptocurrencies – but plans to release one of their own

Totte Löfström, 6 April, 07:31

India bans banks to let their customers trade cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 5 April, 15:30

Daily crypto: Red numbers, and expensive to list a token on an exchange

Totte Löfström, 5 April, 07:04

Daily crypto: Small movements, more regulations and test to trade at Nordnet

Totte Löfström, 4 April, 08:55

Despite the dip – cryptocurrencies up thousands of percent the past year

Christian Ploog, 2 April, 21:12


Bitcoin price is dipping again – here are some possible reasons why

Christian Ploog, 29 March, 16:10

Gang suspected of using cryptocurrencies to launder $1.2 billion

Christian Ploog, 28 March, 11:30

Coinbase adds support for ERC20 – plans to support more cryptocurrencies

Christian Ploog, 26 March, 21:58

Swedish Altpocket has 93 000 users – now they're looking for investors

Christian Ploog, 26 March, 08:31

Starflow launches Swedens first ICO – hope to raise 50 million dollars

Christian Ploog, 24 March, 15:05

Crypto exchange Binance could be forced to shut down

Totte Löfström, 22 March, 11:45